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Sounds promising, maybe your authorities aren't as thorough as here in Denmark. But I share my office with a girl from Lund so I might just ship to her
Looks great Erik. Aren't you hit with a load of customs and taxes when buying from Sweden ?
I am leaning slightly towards the woolly one myself . They make some excellent ties btw and they have increased the width by a cm this season. Very nice people to deal with too
seeing as this is a thread for general advice, I hereby solicit your esteemed views/opinions. Berg and Berg are offering free shipping until sunday.I am torn between two ties. one six fold silk, one wool: what say you ? ( disclaimer: I already own about twenty Brown ties in all kinds of fabric. I am leaning towards the 6-fold silk though as it is probably more versatile)
@arnathor, I appreciate the attraction of a high end tie, but to my eye it looks outdated. Sorry. @Kulata, why the final voyage ? and lovely tie btw
DC, While I admire your courage to don those pants ( pun intended), I feel that they clash too much with the rest of the outfit - the tie especially. Die neue Frisur gefaellt mir aber
If he indeed is a butler I would guess that he is thr only one in Denmark who plies that particular trade...
@cleav: that is an absolutely epic post and you are a way better dresser than Miliband.
I have three pairs of Meermin, one pair on the Olfe last, one on the hiro and a pair of suede on Rui ( I think). Only the Hiros have taken some time to break in - a long time actually. I also have a pair of Carminas however, and have experienced exactly the same. After twenty + wears they are still not really suitable for a whole days wear...i know I am in the minority here, but I dont really see a great difference between my Carmina and my Meermins - but of course the...
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