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Since the f/w Collection ( once again)did not include a light greay flannel Lazio, I have begun to look for alternatives. Has anyone seen this Sienna in the wild ? I think it might do the trick...Sienna fits me great altough the ticket pocket is not really my style...
Great thread and I am very envious. I really want to visit Naples some day...
Both models are sold out in 36/46 already.... Will just have to wait for a re-stock or a light grey flannel Lazio ( fingers crossed)
@cleav: lovely photos and just my kind of tie. Cappelli ?
Has anyone noticed that there are two nearly identical blue Lazio suits in the collection right now ? I wonder if there is any difference....it looks like the same cloth and colour
A bit late to the party, but congratulations @cleav !
A lot like Havana. Supposedly they are shirred, but the construction is not as good as on Jort in that regard. Still a nice cut though even though some complain about the button stance. Mine gets a lot of wear and compliments.
been wearing hospital garb for the past three days. All because of a girl
lovely ensemble Braddock - especially the collar on the shirt., Is it bespoke ?
So the sun actually decided to shine today for at change after three lousy weeks. Probably the last airing of the linen suits this year.
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