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Just received my new Jort suit today. Great fit ( pics to come) but very disappointed that they have chosen to replace the usual wooden hangers with the cheap plastic ones they udse for their other suits. I have written their customer service but I doubt that will change anything. Strange as the Sienna hanger is still the same. And the suit bag is also inferior to the one from a few years ago. Are they starting to cut corners ? I hope not but I am a bit worried..
You are right Foxx. Thanks for thefeedback. . I will check out your suggestion. Are they available online in Europe ?
didn´t get around to posting yesterday, but here is what I wore...( pretty much the combination I always wear)
Great pictures. That guy in ofe of the last pictures has a quite outstanding beard btw
I agree that there isn't a lot of good stuff there. Only thing that caught my eye is the brown linen lazio, but I will be on paternity leave during linen season, so would be a superfluous buy.. I am on the other hand vacillating between the new navy pinstripe Lazio and a Jort traveller suit i navy ...I love my Jort suit, but on the other hand the fit and construction is not so much better than the Lazio that it justifies the price...
Another winter friday with hardly any light...
+ 1 one that outfit Braddock - and being a very frequent visitor to the good town of Flensburg I wholeheartedly approve of your choice of beverage as well
The plastic stays are fine by me. And yes, the Jort shirts feature them as well, but so do many of the high end RTW shirts I have handled, for example Barba and Corneliani. What is more important for me is that the quality of at least the "red line" shirts has improved quite a bit over the past two years. My wife bought me a shirt for X-mas, and it was a lot nicer than the previous ones I bought a few years back: the shirring on the shoulder looks at lot better, the...
Last working day of 2014. I am really looking forward to almost two weeks off. Tie is new by the way. A cheap number from Gutteridge in Rome that my friend brought back for me. If I don't get a chance to post more this year I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and all the best for 2015.
I feel less gloomy than I look...
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