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Heldentor ( great handle btw) you have really come a long way. Very nice fit today . If I were to nitpick, I would have liked a less structured shoulder on your SC..
Yes, it is indeed the navy traveller fabric not quite as exquisite as on the blue birds eye I own but still very satisfied with my purchase.I don't know about letting it out, but why not contact customer service ?
@pliny thanks for the kind words. The cloth is a wool mohair blend from Vitale Barberis for SuitSupplys Jort Line. Supposedly it is extremely wrinkle resistant..
Just realized that today's outfit qualifies ( thanks @EliodA So Might as well throw my hat in the ring:
The outlet is only available in certain european countries so you will need a proxy. On another note, I am wearing my new Jort Traveller for the first time today..Pretty pleased with it.
Well, it is still almost impossible ( forme at least ) to take decent pictures with the litttle daylight that is available, but here is my friday. New suit making its debut btw
CP, my 2 cents is that it is too loud, but then again I almost exclusively wear solid suits in blue or gray. the fabric looks a little to much like something they would have upolstered sofas with in the sixties
Just an update on the Jort hanger affair. Customer service admitted they had made a mistake and are sending me a Jort hanger soon. So, all is well. As you can see from my picture, there is quite a big difference between the plastic and the wood...
Good to know. Hopefully they just messed up my order. Will have to wait for customer service to reply
Wise words Tatoulogy. I still love SS but I just don't get some of the company's decision. Just to be clear about the hangers, afaik plastic has been standard on all cuts except Sienna and Jort - at least that is my experience. The hanger I received with my first Jort was especially nice hence the disappointment today. On the other hand the quality of their top of the range shirts has improved it seems
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