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Thanks. The points are also longer than on the black label Barbas I own. This is the gold line. I bought it on sale in a brick and mortar here in Copenhagen.
Some Barba goodness..
I have bought Suitsupply ties regularly the past three years or so - the last a year ago I think. Some are ok, but you can do better IMO. ET has some lovely grenadines and wool challis just to mention a few. The service is top notch ( an SF affiliat)
Compared to their suits, coats and shirts ( to a lesser degree) the ties are pretty mediocre. I have about 5 I think, and I hardly wear them. First of all they are to slim for me ( that is a personal preference of course), secondly, they don't hold a knot very well, and it is almost impossible to get a decent dimple. My advice would be to spend a bit more and go for something from Exquisite Trimmings..
I pretty much wore what all Danish teenagers wore at the time: a mock varsity sweatshirt with the logo "Ball" emblazoned all over it, Levi´s jeans (510´s) and white nike sneakers with a light blue swoosh. Spent 10 th grade in the Mountains of upstate New York where I started to appreciate the finer things in life such as the Bolo tie and flannel shirts...
A rather dull monday - nice weather for a change
It is from Suitsupply
Quite chilly here today so I took the fuzzy approach..
@Coxsackie while I like the vibe of the outfit, the shirt collar is letting you down.
+1 for barba I will add Arthur and Fox - best knits I own. Fiorio also worth a mention. They make a lot of stuff for other brands.
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