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Maybe a bit dull for a bright spring/summer day, but oh well...
Butch, that is the best outfit I have seen you post. Love the tie especially
although I am very envious of those, who have just received the MTO in museum calf, I must say that I am very pleased wtih these wholecuts on the Ama last from the classic line. Fits perfectly out of the box ( much better than my Olfes). Bought a belt in the same leather which is great too:
Thanks for the link Ingevaldsson. Very informative article, and some nice pictures. Pepe is a lot younger than I had expected
Michaelyork it is very hard not to be biased by the lack of shoes and the quality of the photos, but the tux definately looks a size too big at least in the body. And lose the shirt. Also too big and too baggy. On another note this thread is what you are wearing, not what you plan to wear - there are plenty of fit critique threads
I can only agree with the above posters. Great thread and spectacular clothes: Especially the DB. I will probably never wear one, but if I do, that one would be what I would aim for
This neapolitan linen gem arrived today: Ps. I tried posting the pics an hour ago, but the post seems to have disappeared. At least on my screen, so apologies in advance for a potential double post..
yes. It is Suitsupply. Quality is decent. Especially the cotton and linen ties. I have quite a few now. Mostly bright and colourful ones that I don't wear a lot...dark brwon and navy is really my comfort zone
just picked up this neapolitan beauty today:
My monday.
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