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as expected/predicted, Holdfast delivers. BUT I must say that as things stand, Donuts is going to get my vote
Really, really hot and humid here in Copenhagen today.. Wore as much linen as my wardrobe allows...Of course, this being Denmark, it will probably be cold and rainy tomorrow...
nice lapes Crusty
The two aren´t necessarily mutually exlusive though are they ? I really like MaoMaos fits for instance, but it helps a lot that he has an athletic build Imo. Physique in other words plays quite a big role. There are some - shall I say - portly dressers on here and in the blogosphere, who without a doubt put a lot of effort into their outfits, but they always start out with a disadvantag compared to the less gravity challenged gentlemen - at least in my book...
Holdfast should win this one comfortably...
Quite the summer day here in Copenhagen, so opted for linen ( although with some wool thrown in):
I won´t advise you on sizing, but I doubt you will get better advice than from Luisa herself. If you don´t own a classic brown oxford, i would think again before buying the light brown monks. They are pretty hard to pair with anything formal - apart from maybe a light grey suit...Even with jeans, they are going to be the first thing people notice...
I am also a big Cappelli fan. You might also want to check out Berg and Bergs online outlet. They are selling their older stuff at 50-60 % off. The ties are top notch, but a little on the skinny side ( 7cm).
I am pretty sure you could more than recoup the travel expenses on the BS-section.
Better stock up on suit cases
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