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Nice Malford. Care to reveal the maker ?
Another day in grey and blue for me...
Friday. Getting a lot of wear out of my new favourite Cappelli linen tie. Excuse the cheesy smile. My two year old son came running into the room just as the timer was about to go off wanting to be in the picture...
mairaksinen, there´s an awful lot of #menswear going on in that pic, but I like it I am not sold on the weave of the shirt though if I have to be picky..
Anden, have to agree with Timo. A normal spread would have looked a lot better. The other elements and colours are nice though
pocket square a bit out of control...Shirt is new, and this is my only cutaway collar. Don't think I´ll go this route again, but I like the pattern
Welcome and congratulations on taking the plunge ! It is not the world´s sharpest picture, so it is rathe difficult to give you any detailed feedback, but the jacket looks a tad small (notice the pulling at the button) and the left shoulder also looks rather odd...Colourwise it looks pretty solid to me.
Lovely pictures. Am actually quite tempted by the suede longwings
get a wool linen blend then ! [[SPOILER]]
M laudrup is my favourite by a mile. I also have a soft spot for Dennis Rommedahl, something by friends ridicule me for.And yes, Holland always have world class players. My favourite dutch player I guess is Ruud Gullitt.Mostly for his bullet header in the 88 final, and his ridiculous reggae r:)ecord
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