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Another member of the "No-daylight" brigade checking in...
I own three of the shirts including on of the more expensive ones ( thomas mason fabric, mop buttons). They are better than lewin, and quite nice, but they are not darted and therefore rather blousy. I don't think I will buy them again. I would rather have one say Barba than two ss-shirts. They are not as good as their suits...
Super prices. Just pulled the trigger on fina navy and bitter chocolate grenadines...can't wait
Hi Texasmade. The suit is a suitsupply of the rack. I like the lapels and I think both the collar spread and the tie witdh match, but of course that is my personal opinion
Looks pretty solid Sugarbutch. I love that tie and the suit is also nice - although personally I prefer a lowe buttonstance. Is the jacket perhaps a little too big in the shoulders ? Hard to see from the pictures
Would just lke to commend Foxx on a very thorough and constructive post. Posts like that are what make this forum great
Aportnoy, that grenadine is spectalular. Can only echo Stitches' sentiment that brown ties rock...
Even if they are in stock x-mas delivery would be surprising
Ejay, that tie and those lapels don't work together I am sorry to say. I know that a solid knit is often recommended with a loud patternes sportscoat, but those lapels are wiiiide and overpower the tie. The coat seems to have a rather high buttoning point as well - or the pants a high rise. Notice how you can see the end of the tie ?
Thank you. The tie is from Barba.
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