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congrats SB ! Always nice to head into a marathon with some fresh PRs under your belt
Well, he's almost three, so not exactly a baby. He' s logged more than 2000 km in the jogger so far, but he found the going pretty rough and shaky today. "Let' s get back to the car dad" was more or less all he said...
12k trail running with the baby jogger. Pretty brutal
10 km in 38 minutes this morning. Perfect fall day with no wind and clear skies Might have been the last day of the season for shorts and t-shirt...
7 km with my son in the babyjogger this afternoon. Very slow run..
2.43.09. My pr is 2.41 set two years ago, but this course was s lot slower and the wind was brutal, so quite pleased
10k home from work in 39 minutes. Can still feel the marathon, but nothing too bad...
Good luck on your first official half Betel. I can´t imagine the temperature will be a problem – quite the contrary. You won´t need to drink nearly as much water, which is good, since proper hydration can be a bit tricky when it´s the first time you are racing competitively. I´ve run 14 marathons and all my best times have been in cool weather conditions (my PR was set in pouring rain in Berlin). I´ve run 3 where the temperature on the second half has come close to 80, and...
Wow - very envious . That tops my bucket list. I think I am qualified for 2014, but don' t really have the money .. Will have to settle for Berlin or Hamburg next year ( I've run Berlin three times and it is awesome and probably on par or above with NY, London and Chicago) What time are you gunning for ?
SB, what are you training for ? ((sorry if you already mentioned in a previous post..)
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