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Thank you - and the same to you
The sun decided to put in the first real appearance of 2014, so for once the lightning was decent...
I am a 7.5 in Cheanëy, Meermin and Carmina. Wonder if these will fit ?
casual sunday, so no shirt and tie pic..
Great thread. Will have to Convince my wife to visit Naples soon
both the lightning and the fit today are mediocre at best. Have had a pretty crazy day. I can only say that a political scientist would have field day with what is happening at the governmental level in Denmark right now
Very elegant cp. You wear the suitsupply stuff very well. You must be pleased that their tie selection includes stripes
I own a pair of the Brown medallion captoes on the Olfe last. I am tempted to get the plain brown captoe on the Hiro last. Does anyone know if the colour is the same. The Hiro looks a shade lighter on the website, which would suit me fine...
Not sure the fit is classic menswear, but I do like the Lumumba avatar
I own a few, but I must admit that I don´t wear them very often. They are ok, especially the silks, but they are a little om the skinny side for me. They do tie quite a nice knot. Clarinetplayer has posted pics of some rather nice silks, so Iif something strikes your fancy I would say go for it.
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