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Grazie !
Just received my Classic line captoes on the Hiro last. This is taken after they had been for their first spin. Can only say that I once Again am very pleased with the product. They need some polisihing Work, but that is what weekends are for
had a rare chance to take a pic today. . Should probably have gone with a brown woollen tie instead of grenadine, but I doubt anyone outside of the forum would have noticed..
I can also confirm, tha Meermin seemingly have improved their logistics considerably: •01/feb/2014 Order introduced into the system. •04/feb/2014 Order initiated. •13/feb/2014 Order paid. •13/feb/2014 Order finished. •13/feb/2014 Order send it.
Correct as for length, I find it long enough. Similar to the Sienna I think. And yes, it is full canvas
The Jort. It might only be available in Europe
no, RTW actually
a close up of Suitsupply´s take on spalla camicia
Thank you - and the same to you
The sun decided to put in the first real appearance of 2014, so for once the lightning was decent...
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