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thanks for the info. Is it wool ? Looks very nice
very sharp CP. I donĀ“t think I have seen that square before - is it from this year's collection ? I am still waiting for shipment confirmation on my latest - and biggest - order...
Overall I have never dealt with an online company with as good a service as Suitsupply ( not including styleforum affiliates like Malford and exquisite trimmings - but they operate on a diffferent scale). Bear in mind that christmas is the major holiday season in the Netherlands, so delays are to be expected. Europe isn't the US - for better or worse. A lot of european companies are more or less shut until january 6 th.
Heavily inspired by the beautiful Jort jacket, I have just ordered the blue Jort suit. Also ordered a double breasted merano coat and a blue flannel Washington. Not sure about the last one, but I am willing to give this cut a try
Is Jort not available in the US ? Didn't know that. It is very similar to La Spalla apparently but with more options
Beautiful Ergudmun. I will probably pull the trigger on the blue Jort suit shortly. I am a bit worried about the precuffed pants, but with the ss return policy i reckon it is no big risk...
Meekus, that Washington looks very good on you. I have steered clear of this Cut so far, but might reconsider seeing this. There are at least two offerings for sale right now that are very tempting: the light grey flannel and the navy flannel...
I agreee with cousin D , but I think that the lack of reviews/feedback is because no one here has actually bought a bag/portfolio. Posters on this thread are some of the most helpful on SF when it comes to helping and sharing their experiences in my opinion.
Thanks. I am rather tempted by one of the new Jort offerings, so it's nice to know what you think. I don't recall that many La Spalla purchases in this thread.. My first / next buy though will probably the blue merano coat
Looks like you have caught the suitsupply bug CP. Suit looks great. Is there a noticeable difference qualitywise you compare the La Spalla to the other models ? The price is almost double...
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