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Looking good Roy. What model are those Herrings if I may ask ?
Lovely socks Stitch and a nice combo Cousin. Here's my monday. I really want/need a nice navy grenadine for this suit, but I hope I can find one in Rome. Am going for the first time on wednesday. I hope I will have some time for shopping. If not I will settle for pizza and vino rosso
Is that your longest training run SB ?
Ran a pretty decent 5 km in 18 minutes, with the last three at a 3.30 pace. Three slow ks back home. 8 km in total
Had planned some speedwork, but had to bring my son along in the babyjogger. Still, we managed 12 km in 52 minutes, with 3 km at sub 3.50 speed.
Had a meeting this evening, but managed to squeeze in a 7 km easy run in just under 30 minutes. Passed through Copenhagens Christiania neighbourhood, famed/notorious for it's widespread use of cannabis. I literally ran through clouds of intoxicating smoke...
Two quality work outs today. 8 km this morning in 31 minutes/ 3.45 per km and 10 km home from work with a 4.00 pace. Both runs with negative splits after slow start/warm up. On the way home it was really pouring...
10k home from work in 41 minutes. Legs like lead after yesterday's trials, but the weather more than made up for it.. Simply beautiful..
congrats SB ! Always nice to head into a marathon with some fresh PRs under your belt
Well, he's almost three, so not exactly a baby. He' s logged more than 2000 km in the jogger so far, but he found the going pretty rough and shaky today. "Let' s get back to the car dad" was more or less all he said...
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