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my first CJs: double monk Lowndes. Very (very) pleased...I´ve looked at a lot of less pricey alternatives for my first monks, but none were as elegant IMO
thanks for the kind words everyone - we had a bit of a scare at the first scan, which showed a slight ( very slight) risk of Downs syndrome so we decided to have some fancy dna bloodtesting done in California, just to be certain that everything is ok. Just got the good news today :)The last two weeks have been quite nerve racking especially for my wife. Next big worry is that we need a bigger flat and I need to curb my kopping
My first pair of CJs and my first monk straps. Lowndes.. Fit perfectly right out of the box...
Giving my new Lowndes a spin. Added bonus sock sprezzura from my son. He is going to learn tonight that he is to have a little sister in late august btw
that is a beautiful jacket Gianni . I really like the collar on the shirt as well
9 days out of ten I will wear a tie that is either predominantly brown or blue. Well, today was that one in ten. A Little too loud perhaps, but it is Friday after all
I agree wholeheartedly with Stitches Pingson. Looking razor sharp . Based on my own limited first hand impressions from Italy ( and Brussels where I have met with italian colleagues), black shoes are the safest bet.
I don´t know if Ruby had anything to do with his pate gradually (almost) regaining its former hairy glory .
Thanks a lot JR
You could always go the Berlusconi route
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