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A plain white or very pale solid blue would probably have worked better....oh well, what's done is done
Decided to give the plaid a final airing before the temperature ( hopefully) begins to rise...
Good challenge and a good warm up to this year´s Ryder Cup
Indeed we are ! And yes I do love. Never really considered myself a db guy, but these changed my mind. And the fit is fantastic
CP, I had the exact same experience. Now my Washington is probably the suit in my rotation that sees most action, and I would not hesitate too buy another one. If it were january I would get the light grey flannel on offer, but I can´t really justify buying more suits at the moment. Especially not for next season
what last are those on JR ? Look very nice and a perfect colour for summer.
Well, my first child hasn't had a negative influence on my wardrobe, but with one more we have to buy a bigger place. And real estate in Copenhagen is pretty pricey..Oh well, can always flog a kidney
Same as in Carmina, Meermin and Cheaney.. Bought them in brick and mortar, so had a chance to try them on before buying. They fit like a glove
my first CJs: double monk Lowndes. Very (very) pleased...I´ve looked at a lot of less pricey alternatives for my first monks, but none were as elegant IMO
thanks for the kind words everyone - we had a bit of a scare at the first scan, which showed a slight ( very slight) risk of Downs syndrome so we decided to have some fancy dna bloodtesting done in California, just to be certain that everything is ok. Just got the good news today :)The last two weeks have been quite nerve racking especially for my wife. Next big worry is that we need a bigger flat and I need to curb my kopping
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