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No running for me today. Still sore all over from the big M on sunday. Might attempt a very slow 5k on thursday while I´m in Germany on business
@ ebonyman: Is there no breast pocket on that suit ? Maybe you should consider another colour/texture tie. I find the suit and tie too similar. Overall a nice look though
Today's effort. Would seriously have prefered jeans and sneakers today, as formal shoes aren´t what your feet want the day after running a marathon...
A rare post from me. I´ve been more into sportswear than menswear these last months as I am running a marathon on sunday. If things go as hoped I might treat myself to one of Suitsupplys FW suits...
Seeing Sander´s beauty of a fit a few pages back, I went for a knit today - the closet thing I have to a grenadine...
"Another nice colour combination. I've been meaning to ask: sometimes your left collar is curled over, with the right one laying flat. If you wore button-downs I'd assume one side was buttoned and the other not, but they seem to be regular spread collars (unless they're of the hidden button-down kind?) and it seems too frequent to simply be random movement of a very soft/unlined collar. Is it a deliberate thing or just random?" Sharp observation. Hadn't noticed myself...
I own a pair of the Imperial range oxfords. Beautiful shoe. Would buy more if I had the money. Compared with the pair of Carminas I own, I prefer Cheaney. Better soles, better leather, better finishing. Of course, the imperials are horribly expensive now compared to when I bought them two years ago...Back then they were more or less the same as Carmina
I own one:
No pink unfortunately:
Thanks for all the thumbs yesterday guys. Appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing a lot of pink today
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