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Well, I own 8 suits and 3 shirts. Whenever I put on a suit from Suitsupply I feel great. They are luxurious with great fabrics, fit and attention to detail and compare well to much more expensive brands. I don't get this feeling with the shirts at all. They are ok and I do wear them. But for one thing, they aren't darted eventhough they are labelled slim fit - this makes them look blousy on me. And the sleeves are too wide as Well. I know this is fixable, but with the...
I know I might sound like a broken record, but Suitsupplys shirts are nowhere near of the same quality as their suits and outerwear.
Yes, you could only see the outlet items on the dutch website. Plus you needed a code.. They did the same thing in the US. A lot of people from SF went on wild buying sprees
I think he is refering to the online outlet. It was open at the end of last year. They only shipped within the Netherlands though.
Sb, that is one of the favourite fits I have seen from you. Excellent
Sorry if I misread your post. Anyway, there are more Jort cuts than la Spalla cuts ( only the one if i remember correctly) But qualitywise they are probably more or less on par. I love my Jort for what it's worth
Well, this isn't quite true. Jort is a whole new line of SS stuff from suits to suspenders. The quality and price is higher than their other lines. The single breasted Jort suits are 2,5 buttton just like the la spalla but without flaps and belt loops.
Holdfast, i know that your are probably only donning this as a part of Stitchy's challenge, but from my point of view this is a lot sharper than your more "academic" outfits well done
That is one of my few gripes with suitsupply: at 6'0 there is not enough material for cuffs in my size...Looks great CP
with their generous return policy that shouldn't be a problem... I am also one of those eagerly awaiting their spring/summer offerings. Really hoping for trench coats - probably won´t happen though
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