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Looks like they've just posted some new pre-order items. A pretty sweet Blue Sienna windowpane is one of them. Look out credit card...
You've definitely qualified for the challenge Stitch ! My Friday with a rare mug shot...Pretty boring look I know...Not enough decent light for a fulllength shot, but i am wearing light grey flannels and snuff suede shoes...
Very nice NS. Have been reading up on this thread and looked at Hobers store. I really want to tey a few - especially the macclefields and the challis. I am scared of taking the plunge though. If the package is stopped in customs in Denmark I will be hit with 12 percent toll , 25 percent :angry:Vat and a customs fee of about 20 usd... and danish customs are probably the best staffed and most zealous in the world...
Thanks Jungle. Suit is suitsupply ( lazio) and yes, chalk stripe
hello gents. Green tie thursday
I`m in..
Cappelli´s linen offerings are great. Agree that the silks are a bit hit and miss. Haven´t tried Vanda or Hober, but if Money weren´t an issue I would only wear Barba 7-folds...
Ejay,the colours are very nice, but that jacket has a seriously high buttoning point and a very high gorge..
that is superb Claghorn. A fit for to be filed for copying Here´s my monday..
I almost always wear a belt with a suit, but looking at Rudals picture is making me consider braces
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