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New suit and tie - my first forray into peaked lapels..
x-post from the Suitsupply thread: new coat..
The Jort is pretty much the same as La Spalla from what I have read, but the name covers a Whole new (limited edition) line in Europe that consists of suits (DB and SB), outerwear, SC etc...Anyway, hereĀ“s a (bad) picture of my new SS coat:
Lazio is indeed a great cut. And that is one very nice looking suit CP. I received two suits yesterday and a coat. My first Jort and Washington. Very pleased with both of them. The Jort is hands down the most luxurious suit I have ever handled, and the fit is spot on - even the cuffed trousers. I am also very pleased with the Washington - it is not as slim/skinny as I feared, and the peak lapels are fine since it is a rather dark suit which makes them less prominent. Will...
I just saw on the website that my order was shipped this morning, so everything should be in order - although I never heard from their customer support. Looking forward to posting pics - especially of the Jort suit
Yes, this is probably the reason. Still, it is a bit annoying that they haven't given me any information at all..
I am in Europe
Has anyone bought anything recently ? I used quite a chunk of my christmas bonus on a bunch of stuff I ordered just after christmas. While my credit card was charged immediately, the order is still "in progress".. I contacted customer support via email the day before yesterday, but so far all. I have received is an auto reply. It might just be a holiday back log, but it is quite unlike what I have become accustomed to when dealing with them...
It is still available on the European site
Looking good Beebo - although I am not sure that I would be able to pull off those shoes. Looking foward to getting a Washington suit myself...
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