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I am probably in the absolute minority here, but think a pair of Oxfords would have improved Crat´s fit tremendously. I don't think I have seen any suit-loafer combination where this wasn't the case.
I own all three models. The Jort is quite similar to the Havana in terms of fit IMO. Definitely slimmer than the Lazio. The pants are a lit fuller than the Havana though.The quality ( Again my Humble opinion) is top notch.My ideal Suitsupply suit would probably be a Lazio made to Jort standards.
@Clarinetplayer, that brown suit never fails to make me envious.
Good day gentlemen. A lovely sunny pre-spring day here in Copenhagen. Back to sleet and rain tomorrow though..
X-post from the friday challenge...( where we already have a potential winner in Seamasterlux)
Seamaster is a tough act to follow. But since the weather here for the first time in 2015 was good enough to forgo flannel and heavier I broke out my WP and might as well throw my hat in the ring...
Wow, I see I made outfit of the day. Humbled and overwhelmed...
Late post after a long day. Ok ligthing for once this morning
The pocket square got the better of me this morning and the tie knot could have been tighter...
Hartung indeed.
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