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that is superb Claghorn. A fit for to be filed for copying Here´s my monday..
I almost always wear a belt with a suit, but looking at Rudals picture is making me consider braces
x-post from the challenge...
Didn´t have time to go through my previous efforts, so here is what I am wearing today. Bad weather and hardly light so only a close up. Go furriners !''
A plain white or very pale solid blue would probably have worked better....oh well, what's done is done
Decided to give the plaid a final airing before the temperature ( hopefully) begins to rise...
Good challenge and a good warm up to this year´s Ryder Cup
Indeed we are ! And yes I do love. Never really considered myself a db guy, but these changed my mind. And the fit is fantastic
CP, I had the exact same experience. Now my Washington is probably the suit in my rotation that sees most action, and I would not hesitate too buy another one. If it were january I would get the light grey flannel on offer, but I can´t really justify buying more suits at the moment. Especially not for next season
what last are those on JR ? Look very nice and a perfect colour for summer.
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