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Another day without proper daylight....
A lot depends on what you want to train for. For distance runners a rule of thumb is to increase mileage by no more than 10 percent per week t king care not to do too much speed work as you progress. Runners world website is a good place to look for training plans.
Strange that people consider the Rain last wide and roomy. I own both the rain, olfe and hiro in 7,5. rain is narrower and tighter across the vamp. If i ever ny a Rain again I will size up for sure. Olfe and Hiro are more or less perfect fits.
16 km/9,2 m in 61 minutes today. Absolutely stunning fall weather and perfect running conditions. It is not often the sea is calm and the sky is blue during my november runs. Started out rather slowly, and ended with 3 km at a pace just under 3.35 per km...
Much better
Vedarcrew, the pants are too tapered giving them a carrot or jodhpurs looks.
Great prices, but unfortunately only Roma left in my size. The buttoning point looks awfully high. Wiil probably stick to the current season...
Judging by the pictures on the website Roma is close to Havana. My sienna is tighter than my Lazios but only slightly btw. Anyone bought the light grey flannel washington btw ? Can't decide between thqt and the light grey Lazio that looks like flannel but isn't. (Lazio p3714)..
Thanks for the tips. Will look them up. I don't carry very much. Just shoes and a shirt plus wallet and phone,,
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