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"Shatnez" is such a cool word
lengthwise the Hiro fits true to size Imo. I have worn mine maybe 5 or 6 times, so it is getting better. The Olfe is definitely roomier. Both are captoes btw. Actually the Ama last is probably the best fit of the three pairs of Meermin I own, but that may be due to the fact that suede is more forgiving.
I also wear a 7.5 in 348. Olfe should also be a 7.5. I own one pair of Hiros in 7.5 - they are very new and not 100 pct. broken in, but I think I should have sized up half a size...
Nice Claghorn. Not really comfortable with striped ties, but it looks very good on you...
Thanks for your views Edmorel. I was one of those to suggest another shoe. In my part of the world, suede is very rarely worn with suits. I don't dislike stitches pairing, but would like to see this splendid suit worn with a more formal colour footwear.
Good to hear remember, 6 weeks, and they are ready for the baby jogger no need to drop your training. My son was 6 months when he did did his first half marathon Unfortunately, he hates going running with dad these days...
WIth a pregnant wife who insists on soup most days, that sounds like a good reason to gently introduce bowties into the household
No offence taken Timo. I am skinny as a reed, so lenght doesn't play a big role. And shouldn't you be catching up on your sleep ? Hope you are enjoying fatherhood. Greatest thing that ever happened to me. Looking for to number two in september
No need for the modesty CP. Very few posters/people wear a bow as well as you do . Actually, I don't think I have ever seen it done in the wild.
Well, my one havana suit is at my dad's at the other end of the country, so I can't do a measurement here and now, but I am pretty sure thst it is shorter than the Hudson.Again, Suitsupply might not cut their suits to the exact specifications of what the sages of the Row would recommend, but they are still a whole lot better than the alternatives within my budget. Most of my friends and colleagues wear fused Boss and Lindeberg, where the buttoning point is above the...
New Posts  All Forums: