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I know I might be in the minority here, but I am not really that big a fan of Braddocks collar.. It's too much Imo. Especially in european context where you rarely see button downs. The rest of the outfit is great though.
I see what you been. I think it's just the pose as I haven't noticed it before ( plus the collar points on the shirts are bit wonky). And thanks - I like the tie as well ( Drakes)
Hello - nice to be back after a terrific summer
Foxx, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I would much rather see a decent picture of your fit than a listing of the brands. It doesn't really add anything to the post who made your pants if we can't see them I think you have been a member here long enough to remember KitonBrioni and that's not an example to follow - at least not in my book. Tie looks lovely by the way
a lot of navy today..
I knew the square was going to raise some hackles, but I just didn´t feel like white linen today, which I wear nine days out of ten. And as Stitchy wrote, it's too formal for the colourful tie...
this new orange number from Drakes is getting a lot of wear at the moment:
Looking very dapper Timo. How does solaro compare to linen temperature wise ?
At last a challenge I could take part in after all the World Cup nonsense ( the Danish team are utter crap at the moment..)
looks very summery HF. Haven´t posted for a while, but had a rare chance to take a picture today...Will probably be too loud for some..
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