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A bit late to the party, but congratulations @cleav !
A lot like Havana. Supposedly they are shirred, but the construction is not as good as on Jort in that regard. Still a nice cut though even though some complain about the button stance. Mine gets a lot of wear and compliments.
been wearing hospital garb for the past three days. All because of a girl
lovely ensemble Braddock - especially the collar on the shirt., Is it bespoke ?
So the sun actually decided to shine today for at change after three lousy weeks. Probably the last airing of the linen suits this year.
Still no light grey flannel in Lazio or washington. Am tempted by one of the bolder checks eventhough I would probably hardly ever wear it....
I am interested in this as well. On a side note, I have said some unfavourable things about Suitsupply shirts earlier in this thread. I would like to take the back. They are just as good value as their suits Imo. I have several very pricy Barba shirts - all have lost buttons or come apart in different places ( or shrinked a whole size) . My S/S shirts on the other hand are holding up just fine. Not the same amount of hand finishing and the like, but they get the job done....
10 rounds of golf at Augusta 5 rounds of golf af St. Andrews 5 rounds of golf at Pebble Beach 5 rounds of golf at the K Club 5 rounds of golf at Crans Sur Sierre 5 rounds of golf at LeopardĀ“s Creek 5 rounds of golf at Royal Melbourne 5 rounds of golf at the Links at Fancourt 5 rounds of golf at the Riviera Country Club - on the condition that I got to take my father along
No great loss Imo. I don't think there was one piece there that tempted me. I am also pretty disappointed with the F/W offerings so far apart from some outerwear pieces. I really hope the NeXT batch will include some more sedate suits including a staple light grey flannel in Lazio or Sienna. I doubt it though...
Although those are colours I would not wear during summer it looks good HF
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