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I own a few, but I must admit that I don´t wear them very often. They are ok, especially the silks, but they are a little om the skinny side for me. They do tie quite a nice knot. Clarinetplayer has posted pics of some rather nice silks, so Iif something strikes your fancy I would say go for it.
I hope the final collection will include more outerwear options. I really need a new trenchcoat for spring/summer I haven't heard of the York before btw
incredible Roger. I would never wear those in the snow though ( if at all )
Friday. I swear we haven't seen the sun for almost a month now here in Denmark..
can´t match those Cappellis. But did just add a nice Drakes recently...
is this sleep inducing enough to qualify ?
They look lovely no matter the last. Only problem is that I already own a pair of snuff suede shoes...
Nice Stitchy. Looking forward to seeing a Vincenzo di Ruggerio in the wild. I have been eying one of Ich's for some time ...
agree that that is a beautiful tie Sander. Would love something like that, but in wool.. Anyway, green for me today:
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