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You should be fine with a 36. The overcoats are meant to be worn with a suit.
@nobd: don't make it a habit. I always enjoy your great photos and sense of style. Looking good btw
Once again congratulations. My daughter was born just two days before your son. Hope he is treating you allright you learn just how little sleep you actually need
lovely shine there Monkeyface. Here is my humble friday...
I probably wont be able to participate, but I will be rooting for Scandinavia. A good warm up for Ryder Cup I reckon
Very nice CD. And a lovely daughter you have there if I may nitpick I think you should look for a shirt with more collar spacing. Looks like there is not enough room for the knot. What S/S cut is it btw ?
Those are some lovely lapes grade. And a nice tie of course.
Well, ticket pockets aren't really my thing either, but it is a question of trade offs for me. The Sienna cut fits me spot on, and I love the fabric, so I´ll live with it. I would love the same cut with the Jort or Lazio features, but alas, I don´t have access to their mtm programme ( or the money for it)
nope, it is this one:
thank you. It is indeed some very nice cloth. I am not sure that the Napoli is quite as fuzzy ( if that is the right word). It is not identical for sure.
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