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Agree with Cleav. The on the far left in the bottom pic is especially drool worthy...my credit card is happy that the said item is located on the other side of the globe and would be taxed and tolled beyond the ridiculous if I were to buy it...
I don't really obsess about the buttoning point. As far as I can tell, it is the same on all my SS suits give or take a cm. I have my jackets unbuttoned most of the time anyway. As for lenght, yes, it could be longer ( the angle of the photo exagerates thsi somewhat) . As long as it covers my rear ( which it does) I am fine. This is a casual suit, not one to be worn at formal events. So I'll live even if a few sartorial rules are breached
" stitches: Who are you giving the evil eye ? Nice looking suit btw. Many will probably disagree, but I am not sure those shoes work with the rest of the outfit...Would like to see it with a black captoe for comparison...
thanks prof, yep, Suitsupply ( they make up the majority of my wardrobe suitwise these days)
So my new Hudson in pure linen arrived. If I could choose, I would prefer the jacket to be a tad longer, but overall, I am pretty pleased. It won´t need much tailoring apart from hemming the pant as far as I can tell, and the quality of the cloth is as usual very good. Timotune complained of plastic buttons, but as far as I can tell, the ones on my suit are of the same quality as on my other Suitsupply suits. Ordered wednesday, so great turnaorund time once Again. Now all...
@pingson: lovely fit and an even better expression. Hope that is what you look like when papers are submitted for grading ( assuming you do that in between your research)
UPS showed up with a coffin from Holland today. Bring on spring !
I have had the same experience recently on a pair of suede shoes - I can´t get the marks out either. No problem on leather though...
here you go:
This one: http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_DK/suits/washington-grey-stripe/P3846.html?start=45&cgid=Suits&prefn1=collection&prefv1=Spring%2FSummerTo me at least, it looks rather blue.. On another note, I pulled the trigger on the blue windowpane Hudson. Expecting delivery tomorrow
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