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My daughter will be pleased to learn that she made the list now if only someone would tell her that nights are for sleeping. Imo, Choc owns this latest batch. Simply stellar ( ok, maybe not the windsor knot...)
That jacket looks too boxy to my eye Heldentor. You might want to scroll back a page to check out Mossrocks fit. His db is a lot more fitted. And your cuffs seem very loose ( and a tad long). Are the shoes Meermin ? Very nice.
Since the f/w Collection ( once again)did not include a light greay flannel Lazio, I have begun to look for alternatives. Has anyone seen this Sienna in the wild ? I think it might do the trick...Sienna fits me great altough the ticket pocket is not really my style...
Great thread and I am very envious. I really want to visit Naples some day...
Both models are sold out in 36/46 already.... Will just have to wait for a re-stock or a light grey flannel Lazio ( fingers crossed)
@cleav: lovely photos and just my kind of tie. Cappelli ?
Has anyone noticed that there are two nearly identical blue Lazio suits in the collection right now ? I wonder if there is any difference....it looks like the same cloth and colour
A bit late to the party, but congratulations @cleav !
A lot like Havana. Supposedly they are shirred, but the construction is not as good as on Jort in that regard. Still a nice cut though even though some complain about the button stance. Mine gets a lot of wear and compliments.
been wearing hospital garb for the past three days. All because of a girl
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