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One last golf post before I let the thread revert to english footwear. I am quite intrigued by the prospect of the Ryder Cup in Denmark, but it is still a long way away. I appreciate your verdict on Thomas. For strange and mysterious reasons he is my only true idol, and has been since he came through on the Challenge Tour. I don't think people realize just how much he has meant to danish golf. Like Lennon once said of Elvis, before him there was was nothing. When I was a...
I like it is as well Cleav. Although it wasn`t really that much of a match this time. It was all over by sunday which was a shame. Bjorn didn´t do too well, but he was unlucky to face the best Americans and to partner Kaymer, who saved his best for his single.And I think he knew his single didn´t matter ...
well, my only reference is a wool tie - the silks I own are standard 3-fold fully lined. The wool is only lined at the knot area and as far as I can make out, only hand rolled at the tip, but I am not 100 percent sure. Have you checked the Pictures on their website ? They are pretty detailed
yes, double FiH. Construction wise, they are right up there too
Yes, Two seasons ago when I last bought from them, they were 7 cms...I found this Picture of me wearing one
Sounds promising, maybe your authorities aren't as thorough as here in Denmark. But I share my office with a girl from Lund so I might just ship to her
Looks great Erik. Aren't you hit with a load of customs and taxes when buying from Sweden ?
I am leaning slightly towards the woolly one myself . They make some excellent ties btw and they have increased the width by a cm this season. Very nice people to deal with too
seeing as this is a thread for general advice, I hereby solicit your esteemed views/opinions. Berg and Berg are offering free shipping until sunday.I am torn between two ties. one six fold silk, one wool: what say you ? ( disclaimer: I already own about twenty Brown ties in all kinds of fabric. I am leaning towards the 6-fold silk though as it is probably more versatile)
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