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9 days out of ten I will wear a tie that is either predominantly brown or blue. Well, today was that one in ten. A Little too loud perhaps, but it is Friday after all
I agree wholeheartedly with Stitches Pingson. Looking razor sharp . Based on my own limited first hand impressions from Italy ( and Brussels where I have met with italian colleagues), black shoes are the safest bet.
I don´t know if Ruby had anything to do with his pate gradually (almost) regaining its former hairy glory .
Thanks a lot JR
You could always go the Berlusconi route
x-post from the friday challenge
Buona sera !
Wow, twenty tumbs for my latest entry. Thanks a lot guys
Looking awesome Stitches. 18 degrees celcius here in Copenhagen today. Decided to break out the linen...
If it´s any consolation I share your wish. Didn´t notice until I got to work this morning
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