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I apologize in advance for the sub-par collar. Did not have time to do any ironing this morning, and this was the only pre-ironed shirt available...
Sporting the knitted tie today...
Today. Another crisp pre-spring day
I bought this tie in Paris a few years back and was very pleased with it at the time. Now I realize I hardly ever wear as it is a bit too skinny and also difficult to pair with most suits. But I gave it a spin today anyway..
Wrong thread. Sorry
Have a nice weekend everyone
Excuse the cheesy grin.. The perils of selfies with kids around
Technically from yesterday, but I didn' get a chance to post...
this has been discussed before, but as an owner of both I will say that fitwise they are pretty similiar especially the jackets ( Jort a Little longer). The Jort pants are a bit fuller and the rise is also higher.Apart from the fit, the quality and attention to detail is a lot better on the Jort, but of course this is reflected in the price.
A rather soporific entry today
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