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X-post from the friday challenge...( where we already have a potential winner in Seamasterlux)
Seamaster is a tough act to follow. But since the weather here for the first time in 2015 was good enough to forgo flannel and heavier I broke out my WP and might as well throw my hat in the ring...
Wow, I see I made outfit of the day. Humbled and overwhelmed...
Late post after a long day. Ok ligthing for once this morning
The pocket square got the better of me this morning and the tie knot could have been tighter...
Hartung indeed.
Thanks. The points are also longer than on the black label Barbas I own. This is the gold line. I bought it on sale in a brick and mortar here in Copenhagen.
Some Barba goodness..
I have bought Suitsupply ties regularly the past three years or so - the last a year ago I think. Some are ok, but you can do better IMO. ET has some lovely grenadines and wool challis just to mention a few. The service is top notch ( an SF affiliat)
Compared to their suits, coats and shirts ( to a lesser degree) the ties are pretty mediocre. I have about 5 I think, and I hardly wear them. First of all they are to slim for me ( that is a personal preference of course), secondly, they don't hold a knot very well, and it is almost impossible to get a decent dimple. My advice would be to spend a bit more and go for something from Exquisite Trimmings..
New Posts  All Forums: