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Thanks Eliod - most of it is actually Holiday and overtime allowance (or whatever it is called): but yes, Scandinavia is not the worst place to have children
Hello Guys. Hope all is well a rare entry from me - including my photo bombing daughter. Friday is my last day of work until october - paternity leave time..
Thanks. It is a wool linen suit from Suitsupply from last years s/s collection.
Winter is finally over
Spring is still nowhere in sight round these parts...
^ I like it a lot, but not paired with tha tie. In my opinion that tie requires a full suit.
How not to wear a pocket square i swear it was fixed before I went to work..
Roycru, although my sartorial preferences are very different from yours I always enjoy your posts. You have a unique sense of timeless style which sets you apart from most of us on here. Keep up the good work
Flannel season is slowly coming to a close here in Denmark, but still chilly enough this morning..
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