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nothing new from me, but for once the sun is shining, so I decided to take a picture..
^ loving the Selleckesque facial hair Cleav. The outfit is nice too of course.
The quality of Tiger is pretty bad in my experience, although I haven't owned suits from them. Bought two pieces of outerwear where all the buttons came off within a month. I have a Strellson SC which is very decent...
wow,the sun actually made an appearance today...
Sugar ! i like the fit of the suit and the shirt collar looks good but I would have chosen another tie. The one you are wearing would look way better with a navy suit Imo ( kudos for matching with the carpet though)
Thanks, I own a black knit, but no grenadine, until now that is. Should have gotten one ages ago of course...
thanks. how wide is it ?
that is a lovely tie Don.
Finally added a black grenadine to my tie collection..As always a pleasue dealing with Exquisite Trimmings
I own a similar overcoat in navy herringbone from the last colletion. The standars size is pretty spot on, so I would not size up. The sleeves could be a tad longer, but I am guessing a tailor could fix it if I really wanted
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