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Finally the ToJ DR. This is a black lamb skin. It has seen quite a bit of wear, but this thing hasn't even been broken in. It does have a few tears, which i posted pictures of, nothing too drastic. This is basically a stock sz. 47. I really am not sure how much to price this. $550OBO
Next are these lovely Vibergs. size 6.5 I have wore them about 10-15 times. They have a little wear and the soles could stand a little cleaning. I still wear these so I Won't be quite as apt to sell. $525
Hey guys, a combination of me losing weight and our lack of winter this year has led me to sale a few items. The Inverallan x Inventory Cardigan. Great piece, size S. It's been worn maybe 5 times. Great condition $275.00
Could you just be my personal stylist/ proxy. I say hey I have $xxx.xx to spend, make me look awesome? I think you should seriously consider this...
Come on! Ive bought jeans from you and only you for the last 3-4 years. No Benedict Arnold am I! How do I go about paying and how much? My flat heads need some pretty extensive work and my Roys just need a hem. Oh yeah, thank you very much for making the exception.
Hey Kiya, I need some repair work/ hemming done on a few pairs of jeans. I read on the website that I have to bring it into the store. Is there any way you work on them if I mailed them in, because I have no other way to get them to you. I also don't have a reliable way of getting them fixed near me, since I live in the backwoods.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Nice tattoo, I'm sure you won't regret it in a couple years. Regret could be imminent, that is a fact. It has meaning to me though. It is an old thing sailors used to have. My last name being Shipman, and we happen to own a boat company. It has to do with my heritage. DILLIGAF = Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck.... I mean regret is a word rarely found in my rather lacking vocabulary.
Haven't posted in awhile... Jcrew Flat Head Jcrew Vans And a new tattoo. Oh and I don't have a beard..... I can't even grow facial hair for fucks sake.
Quote: Originally Posted by tooshay Crew Drakes Leatherman Albam Oliver Spencer Are you in a Hobbit house?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie the cameraman is beyond badass, It is an amazing jacket. Here it looks nothing more than pedestrian. Making an epic piece fall to the wayside.
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