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I'm not wearing pants right now. I think it's great that you dress from one extreme to the other. There are some people who spend a lot of time and money on their formal wear but then don't know how to dress for the street or the beach.
Great stuff. Was looking for a 360 degree point of view. Thanks to those who have contributed!
Very well spoken, Klobber... I agree and, yes, for sure I'll want to have some variety. Cedric, you definitely were good intentioned as am I in this case. I know for sure that dress shirt, dress pants, and shoes will be appropriate. I hope to incorporate the suit jacket sometimes and find that it's perfectly acceptable too. Would be a shame if these suits were relegated to only weddings, funerals, and other special occasions.
Quote: Originally Posted by creativefish maybe a suit is a step too far, i don't know. i think it depends on the suit and how you wear it really. I guess that's what I have to feel out. I know I want it to be relaxed and not too formal. I've seen photos of the CEO in suit and tie and my boss in suit without tie. When I met the CEO he was dressed more casual but he was also on his way up north for a vacation (he met me near my current office...
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabe +1 + What do other people in your office wear? Definitely dress shirts, pants, and nice shoes. After I start, I'll see if the CEO and VPs wear suits often. If I go with a suit, I'll forego the tie though. Going for a sharp look without coming across conservative.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE what do your clients wear? what do other people in your profession wear? I won't normally be face-to-face with anyone outside of the company. Most of my "customers" would be internal. I'm an accountant which I realize right away that may sound as though I should wear a suit but really it would be a personal choice and not an office requirement. I think the CEO and VPs will wear a suit some days and other...
Anyone know of a great cleaner in Toronto? (Particularly around the St. Lawrence Market area where I'm moving in a year and/or Yonge & Eglinton where I'm currently living). Thanks!
I always like to dress well when I go to work, but to date I've never had to wear a suit. I wear good quality dress pants, nice dress shirts, and once you start wearing high quality leather soled shoes there's no going back. Without being anal about it, I like to dress sharp (as best as I can) but in a relaxed effortless manner. I'm sure there are many here who can relate. I live in Toronto and will soon be starting a job in the King West/Liberty Village area. I know...
Thanks - I'll keep Magic in mind. Also since I'll be taking on a new job in King West, I suppose I could consider tailors along the King streetcar line. Anyone know of any tailors along that route?
I'll be moving to the St. Lawrence Market area next year. Any good tailors that do alterations in the neighbourhood? I know of Bulloch Tailors. Do they do alterations or only custom-made suits?
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