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3Sixteen announced their release of a new fit on Monday the 5th - Classic Tapered (CT). Apparently it's cut like classic straight from the knee up with an aggressive taper from the knee down.
Sorry for the delayed reply. I was traveling last week. The sole is 13 inches long, 4 3/8 inches across as the ball of the foot (measured straight across). Let me know if you'd like a few pictures of a measuring tape across the sole.
SOLD For offer is a pair of barely worn Brooks Brothers Peal & Co tan suede brogues. The size is US 11 1/2 and they fit true to size. I purchased them new several years ago and wore them two or three times, but they never made it into my shoe rotation. They have a dainite sole, which shoes a little wear from those few outings. The uppers are immaculate and look new. SOLD
PRICE DROP --> $220 For offer is a handsome pair of Crocket & Jones Lowndes on the 348 last in snuff suede size UK 10.5 F. I'm the second owner of these shoes, but they ended up being a bit to big to find their way into regular rotation so I'm passing them along. They are in fantastic shape, and the suede is a beautiful deep brown. The uppers show little wear, and the soles had topys applied along with toe and heal taps. These shoes have plenty of life left in...
Sharp jacket. Details?
I used it on a pair of suede Crockett & Jones and it turned out really well. I had a pretty bad water/salt stain on the heel that I was trying to address and the Omninettoyant took it right off and I was back to as-good-as-new.
Resoled Ralph Lauren Marlow cordovan wingtips. Seller lists as a marked UK 9.5 E and translates to US size 10 D. These have "Church's Dainite-type soles made by Vibram" but the shoes look to be in good condition otherwise, with a relatively low starting bid of $164.95. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Crockett-and-Jones-Cigar-Shell-Cordovan-Wingtips-Size-10-D-US-/281036827602?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item416f19abd2
I have Topys on a few pairs of shoes and I feel that it stiffens the sole to a small but noticeable degree. It's not substantial but I notice it and would prefer more flex. My compromise has been to have my cobbler put in inset toe taps because I tend to wear down the front edge dramatically faster than the rest of the show. That and a good shoe rotation has served me well so far.
NOBD - I'm a fan of a lot of your looks. In interested in the texture of that tie. What's the material?Thanks.
Be patient, know your measurements, and watch the sales forum here. You can get terrific deals. I've picked up two new RL Polo blazers for $150 and $200.
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