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The fake looking wood panelling in the interior pictures looks awful.
Quote: Originally Posted by elgreco Haha, it's true - I'm certain that somewhere there is a gentleman brandishing an orange wallet. I have a Hermes orange card case that I love because it's orange.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM What I remember off the top of my head, and there is a video on youtube about ALL the suits for Valentino are made in Egypt. Does that mean that the Valentino tailoring line which is made by Isaia is also made in Egypt? Doesn't seem right to me.
Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, but I will nominate Allagash to be in this list. I love their belgian white and have enjoyed some of their other beers.
Quote: Originally Posted by quevola Anything from Led Zeppelin's first album. I thought that many of the songs off of that album, while previously performed by Muddy Waters, were actually written by Willie Dixon.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Well that's certainly not true. Yeah, not sure how a team with the 5th highest payroll in baseball could have no expectations at the start of the season.
I really like this beer as well as the Witte also by Ommegang. I love the hint of cherry lambic they add to 3P, really makes it a unique beer imo.
How woud one go about getting an appointment to meet with her?
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar which menu did you get? The 'summer' tasting menu back in June/July was fantastic. I really want to return for their suckling pig tasting menu. The suckling pig menu is gone and has been replaced by a wild game menu that promises to be equally as good.
Quote: Originally Posted by hws Now with Salman gone from picture... Yeah too bad Ted Forstmann is in now and he has more money then Rushdie ever dreamed of.
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