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Just received my first Ashland OCBD shirt in the mail the other day. Want to thank James for the help, the shirt fits wonderfully. My next plan is to loose some weight so I can fit back into some of my old EP short sleeves this summer. Also, will you guys be redoing the denim from a couple season back? I suspect not, but I am really loving those jeans and they are starting to get a little worn and would love to replace them. Thanks again for being such a kick ass...
Just throwing this out there, I was parusing levis webpage today and came across a "Made in USA" section and saw they have 501, 511 and 505 cuts with denim out of white oak cone mills. While I am not sure how much difference there is b/t the 501 cut on the webpage and say a pair of lvc 1947 501's they are a bit cheaper than what lvc is going for.
Mauro, Got the AD white shirt in the mail the other day and it fits and feels great. Thanks for the sizing help. Also this shirt makes me glad that a stripper poured a bottle of red wine on my JCrew white buttondown a couple weeks back. Thank you where ever you may be.
Caswell & Massey Sandelwood cologne....thanks MasterClasser
+ 1 on the hats they are great. Mike: Got the shadow dot in yesterday and man it's great. I am loving the cutaway collar along with the sheen to the fabric, really nice. As usual you're bringing the pain one garment at a time.
If I had a higher quality camera I'd snap some pics. With that said mine have a long way to go towards epicness. Mostly I've seen wear on the usual spots, knee, crotch, belt loops, back pockets and the leather patch I've noticed has darkened quite nicely. If you are thinking of picking up a pair I'd say go for it.
WHAT exclusive footwear, oh hell.
montale oud cuir d'arabie again today
My old standby when I'm out is Hoegaarden, however it certainly isn't my favorite. Unfortunatly I am living in a place where good beer is not appriciated and budlight is.
Le Labo Patchouli
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