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Thanks yfyf! (Espacially for mentioning my 3rd WAYWRN post last week - which I missed because of that f***** pneumonia). My pic of the week would be Baron closely followed by Sanders. Regards, Max
To answer your questions: I think you should go for more tapered pants. I guess you will end up with something "Thom Brown-ish", given the ultra-short sleeves and the very slim silhouette. I guess this might fit your style/physique quite well. Looking forward to see the finished result. I have to +1 Vox in the sense that it looks a little "different" than the (two) fittings I have been part of. Regards from Berlin, Max
Since under normal circumstances nobody should see the "t-shirt" - its just a matter of personal preference, isn't it? i own a few shirts with v-neck - and like to wear them with my collared shirts in winter. i have 2-3 made of silk wich are also nice. Why shouldn't it be okay? Nobody notices. My 2 euro cents. Max
@Vox: Thanks for the effort. Really a good and entertaining way to catch up on WAYWRN after weeks of travel or the random due dilligence at work! M
Very nice Jacket! I understand the questions about the breast pockets. I would prefer the Blazer without it as well. I really envy the combination with the light grey flannel pants. Quote: Originally Posted by Manton [/url] One - hopefully not blasphemic - question: The skirt seems to "open" a lot - away from the outside of your hips. I notice quite a difference in comparison with the silhouette in the AA illustration. Is this a...
Have both. Always choose pleats (and cuffs) for suitings since the silhouette of my trousers looks better with pleats (and a higher waistline). Max
The female Jodphur is not hip - but looks very elegant and can be combined with very modern garments (and jeans). No problem for a woman in her 20ies if combined with taste.... My 2 cents Max
+1 on the CJ Jodphur Max
The tie was a bit short that morning. I like it. Max
I worked with a "real" tailor - he also does fully hand-sewn MTM and did bespoke. He seems to be very experienced with the Scabal MTM system. Thanks for the advice on the trousers. Is anyone able to give more details on what exactly should be done with the jacket? I guess the tailor can do some alterations AFTER the suit comes from the factory. He did some stuff last time as well. I will only order one suit only - I guess that makes a lot of sense. Regards Max
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