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My wife got very nice ones from Carmina Bootmaker (Spain) - I had a look at the men's version. Beauties as well. No deep link to the pic - sorry. Go to Men's collection --> Forest --> the last one is it. Carmina Max
Hm. My wife is actually a little "problematic" with stuff like that on teh internets - I guess. On the other hand I could pick up your "coat shot" idea and recreate the same shot with her. I will see. Laters M
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Sam Yeah. Got Sam'ned. And such a nice one, too. Might have really improved my day. Thanks Sam for entertaining us like no other! (Share the hate mail so we can prepare the Buk***...) M
Some additional points: "High end places" are not that interesting at Berlin. Let me know if you are looking for something specific - i might have an idea. If you must (because you travel with your girl/wife), see Quartier 206 (especially "Departmentstore@206") and Galeries Lafayette (both on Friedrichstr.) or "The Corner" (Französische Straße, just off Friedrichstr.) - the most famous boutique (and a little bit like Colette in Paris). Avoid Kurfürstendamm and Kadewe...
Thanks. Hm. Okay. M
I hope this question has not been discussed a hundred times - I didn't really find a thread. Simple question - difficult answer: I am seeing a new tailor in Italy for the first time this winter. Since there is not a clear "priority" in my "buy list", I was just wondering, if I should bespeak a) a suit (guess it would be a 2-piece, 2B, SB), or b) a SC and a pair of trousers (think of something like the Matoofan "uniform") I would like to find out how good the...
Not from Tiffany. And different. The top is basically the same, but there is not another ball on the other end, but a flat, "forged" plate. (Might take a photo later). It's sterling, guess they are from the UK - got them from Chelasea Farmer's Club (in Berlin). M
Not really "porn" - hope it's good enough.... M
Knowing that Vox does not need any help my answer: Charvet makes nice shirts. I am not happy with value for money (>400 Euros)- but hey - I am European and there are a lot of more affordable alternatives around - since Vox might not care, its def a good shirt and imho the service and the quality much better than the "attempts" in London (TA, HH - EW is a little better, haven't seen shirts from the lady that travels with Mahon yet). I wouldn't buy another british...
This jacket is just perfect. I hope my new (mystery fo sure) bespoke tailor in italy comes anywhere close. Did you (Mafoo not Vox) already reveal what the book (cloth) is? Regards from Berlin, Max
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