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She does alterations? Let me know how that went... M
Thanks Alan! Max
Thanks. Perfect. Damn.....2 orders at Monocle... M
Oh. Just found the threak. Great. @PG: Love the Shorthauler. It looks very "soft". Did you try to carry a laptop or some books in it? Would it keep its shape? @GDL: Thinking about the Mini-Boston for overnight trips. Would a pair of shoes, a suit, a shirt plus underwear fit in? Not sure after looking at the pics at Beams - might be a little tight for a suit? Thanks. M btw: overprized, shmoverprized - If someone buys it (and is happy) the price was right - no?
Hm. What if my GRD is to big/heavy for some tasks (like taking it to the restaurant in my jacket). Is there a decent - fixed lens - low light (>= f2.0) - ultra ultra compact option available? Canon-Ken likes the Canon SD780 - but I don't want a Zoom. Any idea PG? Thanks. Max
Thanks! I am not looking for something specific. I will visit the shop with a friend because he is going to get an OTR. I will try on the OTR and if it fits somehow might order a MTM suit. I don't know what books are available at the store and it might be the case, that the store's tailor does not seem "good" and I have to change plans. I might get a suit, SB, 3on2.....I would love to try a high gorge wide lapel like yfyf in his blue Chan with the shawl collar...
@NOBD: Going to get measured for a RC MTM in a few days (here in Berlin). Maybe you could share some additional info: a) Did you already have a good fit in the OTR (or do you think their MTM works with greater deviation from the standard cut)? b) What do you get with the "bonus package"? What is the additional handwork? (the canvasing is handwork in the standard MTM I guess). c) Did the offer a "no belt loops" - DAKS style trouser? d) What are the "shoulder...
Thanks Epaulet. Had exactly the same concerns.... M
Considering to buy the Barbour Beaufighter jacket. Since I can only get it Online (and I didn't find any good pics in teh internetz) - could someone post pics of the jacket (ideally wearing it)? Are there alternatives for the jacket? Kind regards, Max
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