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I can't find any evidence of this with a cursory Google search. Is this another i-can-see-Russia-from-my-house moment?
Uhh... what? And I thought my reading comprehension was bad... Who the hell is Colin Powell? I just wrote down 1,000,000 "work-arounds" that were readily available in 2008 and are better than hosting a mail server in your basement. PM me if you want the list. It's got some coffee stains on it.
Back in what day? 2008? 2009? Nobody, especially gubernment, should have had a mail server in her basement in 2008.
My understanding is that Bill's email (and the rest of the foundation's) was hosted on servers at the foundation headquarters. If this is incorrect, link the source, please.
This isn't really the issue I have with the whole email shindig. The issue I have is why-the-fark-would-you-have-a-mail-server-in-your-basement. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to host a mail server on a machine in her basement unless she's a tech junkie that wants to learn the ins and outs of Postfix. Is Hillary a closet Linux nerd? If not, my conclusion is that she requires privacy beyond that which is available from services like Google Apps or even the...
the fuq is desert if it's not food..?
better: www.lingscars.com
Nevermind I guess she's Asian
i've heard of racially androgenous but this moderator is ridiculous
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