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I think I was older than 5, but I remember asking my mom why everything in Kmart couldn't be free... that way everyone could work for free and just take what they need when they need it.She said some people tried that, but it didn't work.Not sure why I asked... I probably just wanted more friggin legos.
This is completely from memory... haven't listened to the song in probably 15 years... but there's a track on Weight that goes something like this:a gun in your hand makes a fool outta you - oh yeaa gun in your hand makes a target outta me - oh nofreedom, you want your freedom, you need your freedomyour freedom is killing you, manfreedom, you can't handle freedomhey, and now you're dying for itThink it's called "Civilized"
I got kind of excited after hearing the founder on the radio... but then I saw that their website was built by a 12-year old and their change.org petition has a total of ~2500 signatures. http://muslimreformmovement.org/ https://www.change.org/p/muslims-and-neighbors-we-support-the-muslim-reform-movement It's also interesting that the list of people to which the petition will be delivered doesn't explicitly contain any Muslim leaders (except Obama, I guess, if you're into...
When it's 2 dollars a bottle, yes
Kind of how I feel (and how I usually feel when drunk college kids do stoopid ish).I've been in pretty-much this exact situation:- Big party at a house I was living in- Making out with a girl in my room on my futon- I notice she passed out- I put a blanket on her and go to sleep on the floor (because, of course, my futon was also my bed).I'm not sure how that would've looked if we were a little further along before she passed out and two guys came rushing in. I am sure,...
The FBI is still investigating, and they haven't even spoken to Clinton yet, which leads some to believe that they may have something big and that she'll be indicted.2012 campaign talking points: We're winning the war against terrorism, troops coming home, etc. etc.Benghazi: Sept. 2012Election: Nov. 2012Thought that was kind of obvious...(Not that it would have mattered. Romney probably still would have lost.)
I think it's supposed to be like "confusing" (cuntfusing).I thought it was "fussing" too, but confusing makes more sense in context.
Most of the highly educated that I know have an "I know what's best for you" mentality, so that makes sense.Thankfully, Trump brought this attitude to the masses, so we're all on a level playing field now.
How different is that from the real voting population? I have no idea, but it doesn't sound terribly far off to me.
I wonder what Palpatine's plan was after he killed Luke.Vader: Dude, were you really trying to replace me?Emperor: Listen, Darth... we need to talk.
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