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some dudes really overdo it with the weight gainer. there's a difference
i would but i'd hate to be the one to tell them their model is wearing his girlfriend's jacket
Certain elements of style are not subjective. 9 times out of 10, we look better wearing pieces as they were intended to be worn....and we should all be doing more weights
I wouldn't shorten them. The style is supposed to have long sleeves so your arms aren't exposed when they're extended (e.g. when riding). It shouldn't fit like a suit jacket... would look off if it did.3 better options:- Wear gloves to prop the sleeves up,- move the snap so the wrists are tighter,- do curls so the girth of your arms holds the sleeves up (layers work, too)though 3 inches is alot...
I wonder what Palpatine's plan was after he killed Luke.Vader: Dude, were you really trying to replace me?Emperor: Listen, Darth... we need to talk.
I always thought it was just a refusal to join the dark side. Killing Vader meant turning to the dark side, which is why Palpatine was pushing him to do it, and Luke refused. Throwing the light saber away was just kind of an exclamation point.
Kylo Ren was the one strong point of the movie for me (...well, I liked Chewy, too). It's a new kind of villain for the movies and Driver did a good job. I won't be surprised if he ends up on the light side of the force: probably under (literally) Rey.
I got it. Still doesn't make sense. How many yards would Adrian Peterson get in an NFL game if it was the first time he held a football?
I was expecting them to cast a strong young woman.
I hope it's Glenn, mostly because he's been super annoying this whole season. Seems like every conversation he's had has been of the "world = bad, people = good" variety. I get it: this show is about the retention of humanity in a world of despair. I don't need to be reminded of it every-other scene.
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