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what the hell... the hot chick in the still frame isn't even in the videoEDIT:there she is... 1:39 for, like, 3 seconds. Bogus.
Is it really satire against the counter-BLM movement? I could see that... it's a little opaque, though. Maybe if I had some context...
Not really... At first, I couldn't even tell if it was pro-BLM or anti-BLM.The pro-BLM slogan is "Black lives matter". Often, I hear counter-protesters chanting "All lives matter". So... is the comic pro-BLM or counter-BLM?My first instinct was counter-, because I only have to replace one word (houses -> lives) to get the correct slogan. To be pro-, two words have to be replaced (all -> black, houses -> lives).
It's relevant because a pathetic number of murder cases are solved in Chicago.https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20160204/loop/chicago-police-detectives-solved-just-26-percent-of-472-homicides-2015The number of solved cases could easily be increased with help from the community, but the community refuses to help. This leads some to conclude that black lives sometimes matter.Put yourself in the shoes of a cop. Does seeing hundreds of dead black men per year, about whom nobody...
I don't think it's proportional...http://www.chicagotribune.com/ct-charting-chicagos-summer-homicides-shootings-infographic-20150904-htmlstory.htmlhttp://www.census.gov/quickfacts/table/PST045215/1714000#flag-js-X
http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-minnesota-police-shooting-20160706-story.html what am i missing, here... why does the steering wheel look like it's on the wrong side... because Brexit?
google image search for liz krueger disappointing
I think I was older than 5, but I remember asking my mom why everything in Kmart couldn't be free... that way everyone could work for free and just take what they need when they need it.She said some people tried that, but it didn't work.Not sure why I asked... I probably just wanted more friggin legos.
This is completely from memory... haven't listened to the song in probably 15 years... but there's a track on Weight that goes something like this:a gun in your hand makes a fool outta you - oh yeaa gun in your hand makes a target outta me - oh nofreedom, you want your freedom, you need your freedomyour freedom is killing you, manfreedom, you can't handle freedomhey, and now you're dying for itThink it's called "Civilized"
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