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some dudes really overdo it with the weight gainer. there's a difference
i would but i'd hate to be the one to tell them their model is wearing his girlfriend's jacket
Certain elements of style are not subjective. 9 times out of 10, we look better wearing pieces as they were intended to be worn....and we should all be doing more weights
I wouldn't shorten them. The style is supposed to have long sleeves so your arms aren't exposed when they're extended (e.g. when riding). It shouldn't fit like a suit jacket... would look off if it did.3 better options:- Wear gloves to prop the sleeves up,- move the snap so the wrists are tighter,- do curls so the girth of your arms holds the sleeves up (layers work, too)though 3 inches is alot...
It doesn't take hindsight to know that pointing a firearm at somebody that you don't want to die (let alone pulling the trigger) is a braindead idea.Think about all the people in these courses... their conclusion would be something like: "Cool, I can point a gun and pull the trigger at people all day as long as I think it's loaded with blanks!"
Yes..? But smarter people can articulate the "why" better than I can.
Isn't there evidence of cavemen dropping unwanted babies off of cliffs? So... I guess not technically abortion...
And if Trump is elected, it will have been the will of the American people. We're not so smart, sometimes.
Maybe it's because I'm in Illinois, but I never understood these arguments. I don't have to choose the lesser of two evils: my choice is made for me by the +1m Democrats in Chicago. Is it any different in the other ~40 states that happen to NOT be swing states?This is the exact advice my old man gave me before I was even old enough to vote. He also said the Libertarians would have a better chance if more Republicans voted with their conscience, but they're too afraid of...
I don't know that. Seems to me that he pulled them out to mollify his base, which are not the same people pissing and moaning.Would Romney have pulled them all out?Edit:In other words, I don't see Republicans bitching about a stable presence of troops in Iraq, unless those troops were incessantly attacked, in which case they'd probably be clamoring for more troops, not less.
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