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The lesbian chick is preggers in real life...right? Or is she just getting fat?
worst episode ever
Didn't have to be 90 min, though.
Good episode. It got me thinking about (and reinterpreting) Morgan's reaction when he walked into camp to find Rick shooting some dude in the head.
My girl and I have to go to Cancun for a wedding. We want to rent a car so we can get to the ruins (and maybe the city) and sight-see at our own pace. Has anybody had a good experience with a rental company down there? My understanding is that the big names (Hertz, Budget, etc.) are run by affiliates rather than the actual USA company. I plan to get insurance, even though my credit card claims to provide it.
Yea, girls are getting hotter. At first I didn't think it was ok for me to think that Beth was hot and has been hot this whole time, but then I found out that she's, like, 28 in real life. So it's all good.
The premise of Carl treating life like a video game was kind of cool, and Michonne's dream sequence was awesome. Other than that, I was expecting a little more after such a long break. Not terribly disappointed, though.
will be funny if any of the seahawks say "they played a helluva game" in the post-game interviews.
I actually thought it was pretty dope. Didn't see any chicks on stage, though. Expecting a women's lib response tomorrow.
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