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Yea, girls are getting hotter. At first I didn't think it was ok for me to think that Beth was hot and has been hot this whole time, but then I found out that she's, like, 28 in real life. So it's all good.
The premise of Carl treating life like a video game was kind of cool, and Michonne's dream sequence was awesome. Other than that, I was expecting a little more after such a long break. Not terribly disappointed, though.
will be funny if any of the seahawks say "they played a helluva game" in the post-game interviews.
I actually thought it was pretty dope. Didn't see any chicks on stage, though. Expecting a women's lib response tomorrow.
Just got here. Has anybody had any Carol theories, yet? Mine is that she didn't kill those people at all but was covering for one of those little girls that did it (the older one). The girl is probably the same one that's been feeding the walkers, too (and left the dissected rat in the cell). My guess is that the girl gets taken out of the equation somehow (eaten or whatever), the gang runs into Carol on the road, and everybody is reunited. Edit... Or, hell, that little...
The scene of him hacking away at him, and the subsequent shot of H's decapitated head in the background, were pretty awesome, though.
My one gripe with the finale is that everything seemed a little too convenient for Walt. I would have liked to see more suspense before the M60 started firing... or maybe even have the M60 plan fall through and have him resort to phosphine gas or something. I think that would have been more in tune with the rest of the series and how difficult it was for Walt to kill Tuco and Gus. But I thought it was a good ending. I don't think the episode itself was as strong as the...
Meth Damon this, Meth Damon that... looks alot more like Gordon Beckham to me...
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