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its the damn spicks that fucked us up more than anything else, damn illegals are taking jobs from citizens.
g-d damn democrat socialists!!!
the buttonholes are only for show
The sleeves on my old favorite Hickey Freeman blazer are about an inch too short because of my tailoring before my arms grew. how much can they be lengthened. It probably needs a good inch or inch and a half to be perfect.
the manager should let you, it would be ridiculous for them to be priced separately, but have to be bought together.
I only would if the crazy thing had some significance to me. Like, I'd wear Raiders ones because I am a die hard Oakland Raiders fan. I wouldn't really have much interest in, for example, the bee ones. They look cool, but they don't really relate to me.
I've had some these, and they do taste different, but I actually prefer the cheaper waters, like costco over the more expensive ones, but this doesn't include sparkling water. I haven't, for any price found something I like more than gerolsteiner.
The Twisted seam is pretty cool though. I wouldn't mind that on some of my more relaxed jeans, like my kasils.
Nike.com of course
I am up for another pair of raw jeans, but after the last ones I had, I realize I need a fuller cut, with a boot cut to look my best. because the ones I had were so tight, I would prefer to wear other pairs of jeans because they made me look less malnourished. So, where can I buy relaxed boot cut raw jeans?
New Posts  All Forums: