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I'd recommend Mr. Ned for your suit. About the same price as Suit Supply, but you'll get multiple fittings and great service. (www.mrnednyc.com) Head over to CEGO for a couple shirts (www.cego.com) You'll have a few hundred left for a pair of shoes.
You definitely shouldn't buy anything new for the occasion. Wear what you have. If it's black tie optional, there will be plenty of people showing up dressed just like the groomsmen. Tough shit for the groom. If you want to add something, wear a red pocket square.
I like their polo shirts. The material isn't all that soft, but they fit me better than any other brand. And at $12 or so, they're a great value.
That generally sounds fine. I don't really think it matters if the suits are notch or peak lapel. Notch is a little more versatile and can be worn for interviews, so that might be a better purchase for them. In terms of shirts, not everyone looks good in a spread color. A short heavy person with a large round head and no neck will look like a bowling ball in a spread collar. A point collar would be a better purchase. Don't get all fancy with a stroller for the...
Check out www.mastersoftime.com. Their store is on 47th street. Very very knowledgeable and trustworthy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff trust me, they rarely have any suits or blazers in their PSR. ive taken one saturday morning to call like 30 of them and they all didnt have anything I think you're talking about 2 different outlets. There's the "Polo Ralph Lauren" outlet, which just has junk; mostly stuff manufactured for the outlet. Then there are the "Ralph Lauren" outlets. I've seen them at Sawgrass and Woodbury Commons. They have...
Quote: Originally Posted by tazmaniac Uniqlo fit me perfectly and are very durable. Sadly, not 100% cotton. Agreed. They aren't as soft as Polo or Lacoste, but I find that they fit me much better. And at $15, if they get stained, it's easy to throw out and buy another.
I've had a bunch of shirts made by Carl. Spending time in the store, I've seen many difficult customers. Look, people coming in for custom made shirts are often weird and their idiosyncracies come out in the custom making process. As Carl has said, he's only kicked out a couple of these difficult customers. What is a difficult customer? A difficult customer may ask for a very slim shirt that has plenty of room for movement. Or a difficult customer may say...
Quote: Originally Posted by BH1 I went to check out Mr. Ned a couple weeks ago and was very disappointed. The first thing he said to me was "I know EXACTLY what you want." Well, no you don't, because I haven't said anything yet. Next he told me "I can make a much better suit than what you're wearing... much better." I happen to like that suit. I thanked him for his time and left. I will not be back. Was it the father or the son? The son,...
Quote: Originally Posted by zarathustra No. cardelino is at Broadway in between 22nd and 23rd in next to Caffe[sic] Benvenuto in the Madison Green Building. I believe, however, that the father is now mostly working out of a store at 174 5th Avenue, 2nd floor (same building at CEGO).
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