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Sir.. thank you for your message. The usual practice is that you will buy the collar size that fits your neck perfectly.. and the shirt that goes with it will be 1/2" smaller sized neck.. thats the way its always used to work.. some shirt makers nowadays absorb that 1/2" into the shirt design so a 16" collar fits a 16" shirt.. confusing isn't it? however, the important thing is that the COLLAR fits your neck comfortably.. so you ca usually get away with a shirt that is...
Thought i might post a couple of recent pics.. hope you like.. Regards
Sorry, I meant Watford
I certainly do.. One must suffer for the cause
A couple of my Suits...
I prefer the ruffled, just casually thrown in look (of course its very carefully positioned!!)
The only time I would wear shoes without socks is if i was on the beach.. in shorts.. You will not find me at any time with long trousers without socks
British spread or Cutaway for me..
I always wear white braces with Gilt finishings.. I think It looks rather spiffing
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