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Wouldn't be surprised if he was a member here ..
Have just been getting back into running, and doing predominantly faster shorter distances these days. I have got my 2.4km time down to 9:40 yesterday, which is a step in the right direction. My interim goal is under 9 minutes.
Quote: Originally Posted by marvin4653 The tricky part here is the suit price. $500 has always seemed difficult to me. You're willing to spend more than the Macy's/department store offerings (which are generally mediocre quality) but it's not quite enough to get into the better quality stuff that you'll be proud to own years from now. You could have good luck at that price point hanging around the Buying and Selling forum on this site, but hell, you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee I have a Marine and they are beautiful. Versatile and unassuming Clearly we need to start posting pictures of our watches to convince the OP.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Do you like Swiss or German watches better? They are both German so ... ?
Sorry haven't read the complete thread, but is there any chance of a coated SL series jean in the future? I much prefer the SL cut but like the idea of a pair of black coated jeans for my next pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by unrated Likewise, what mods did you request from him? Before my final decision, I kept bouncing around. At first I wanted the 4.5hr date dial with the anchor looking second hand, then the normal face with the date dial at 3. I finally settled on the pilot hands with lance second, dateless dial. In other words, it looks like the Sinn 656 Sinn 656 is a modern classic imho.
I'd love a Rolex, but the problem is that every time I look at the price I see a dozen other watches I would much rather have for the same price.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajchen There are so few Sinn owners in real life... I'm surprised to see two in the first 3 pages of this thread. Here is my daily wearer, a Sinn 656s on rubber strap: Sup Sinn 656B wearing buddy! Beater!
PM sent.
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