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Dang that flat head zip up sweater sold out in large so quickly :/
Finally, a deadstock (hopefully) red chambray shirt!
Here we go again. This one has a star pattern instead of the previous polka dot version. And it's already selling out at full price :/
Finished my 5E3 Fender Tweed Deluxe clone. It can switch to a 5F1 circuit as well. I need a matching speaker cab! V30 doesn't match well with it either
Why don't they release that left hand twill in raw or rinse....
Cone denim is nice, but feels a bit basic to me. Comparing it to something like say, Sugar Cane Okinawa, there's just no comparison. Japanese denim always felt better, and I'm sad they're departing from it.
While I'm not going to deny the sonic superiority of p2p amps, I don't think this is the reason. Pcb circuits use shorter traces overall. I'm in the middle of handwiring a tweed deluxe myself. It may be how the signal paths overlap too much on a circuit board that alters tone, or how two components are directly connected in p2p, but are connected by an intermediate trace on pcb that alters tone.
I just realized this shirt is the black version of the indigo jack rabbit workshirt that was in the Heartland collection a few seasons back. Dope shirt, definitely springing for this one.
Thanks for the quick replies. Is the shirt faded or distressed? or more deadstock-looking?
Did you have to size up one for this shirt?
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