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In my experience, there's no way to get rid of the smell aside from washing....soaking still won't remove the smell. You also risk premature breakdown of the denim fibers from all the dirt and oil by choosing not to I'd go ahead and wash the jeans. Well-timed washes also don't make the fading any "worse."
Finally received my Mojotone lacquered tweed extension cabinet... ...and dropped this baby in there:
call a store to see if there's inventory in-store
Straight leg (rinse/one-wash model): 1 year, three washes
Yup, tone should come from the fingers.
I grew up on classical music so picking up classical guitar was a pretty digestable transition. The techniques you learn will transfer over and be very useful for electric guitar playing too! Besides, I think seeing a skilled classical guitarist looks more impressive than other guitar styles.
You just gotta sew the buttons on tighter
yea I don't get why they don't sew the buttons on more securely
call a RRL store to have them locate your size
yes they are
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