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The gray one on the website is not included in the sale.
Save your dough for December for the Mac Pro if you are looking to burn some $
Stayed overnight in a cabin on a lake. View from my balcony:
I just got a 10-stop ND filter to capture long exposures. Here are the pilot shots with it. Images were taken in sequence, just a few moments apart as the sky was changing color.
The grandpa one: of the shirt plz Any signs of fading/distressing? Or does it come as a "one-wash?"
I'm wishing for the dixon varsity jacket, merino-wool cashmere jacket, and the cotton anderson workshirt.
Great shirt sazon! This one looks very interesting: Hopefully the "rinse" means no distressing, finally.
Well they used to prohibit pictures to keep the RRL line more exclusive and "underground," but now that they offer RRL online, I don't think Ralph Lauren cares about other shops posting pictures.
These are the last price drops.
If you wear medium sweaters in RRL then you're also a medium in shirts.
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