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I'm interested in medium henleys and tees!
Beautiful jacket. I'm assuming that the sleeves are lined with that striped twill instead of the blanket lining, right? Also is the wool blanket lining itchy at all?
It's called bias tape, and it's probably there for a reason - likely to hide some loose ends of the fabric
Eventually sale items will get progressively marked down, up to 70% off or so (depending on the item). This is just the first round of sales.
Went to the Smoky Mountains for a weekend:
The gray one on the website is not included in the sale.
Save your dough for December for the Mac Pro if you are looking to burn some $
Stayed overnight in a cabin on a lake. View from my balcony:
I just got a 10-stop ND filter to capture long exposures. Here are the pilot shots with it. Images were taken in sequence, just a few moments apart as the sky was changing color.
The grandpa one:http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=23008596&cp=11588650.12138270&ab=ln_men_cs2_sweaters&view=99&parentPage=familyPlz of the shirt plz Any signs of fading/distressing? Or does it come as a "one-wash?"
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