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Quote: Originally Posted by cminor Razor >>>>> Logitech Apple's Magic Mouse has an amazing industrial design. But in terms of usability and ergonomics, they are several notches below those made by Logitech and Razor. Logitech is more ergonomic than Razer for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake I grabbed the white one awhile back and love the contrast stitching and details, would prefer it over the blue. I got the white also. But now I'm considering the blue b/c of its fading characteristic.
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 RRL on Gilt was a major let-down. Dunno about you, but I really dig their bags.
Does he have selvage oxford fabrics by any chance?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cashmoney Sorry, stick, but on this issue I r-e-a-l-l-y know what I'm talking about. The OP's # are great if he's 60 and not being treated for anything. If he's 20, they're scary. Or as the docs prefer to say when they deliver bad news, "suggestive." But thanks for playing. First off, creatine kinase =/= creatinine clearance (You can't use the OP's CK measurement for anything considering HE JUST WORKED...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cashmoney Not bad numbers, especially if you have a poor health/crappy diet/crappy lifestyle/shitty genetic history. But most docs would probably tell you to start getting those numbers down. I don't know how old you are, but those BP # are at the outer edge of normal and as you age they'll start to climb. And docs now want TC much lower than 200. What's considered OK/normal/healthy keeps dropping. 159's not bad but I'd...
I saw some fake selvage at walmart.
Mister Freedom EG RRL Sugar Cane Warehouse LVC KMW The Flat Head The Real McCoys Rag & Bone Mostly Japanese stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Freddyfisk Nice shirt. What is it?
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