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Mister Freedom EG RRL Sugar Cane Warehouse LVC KMW The Flat Head The Real McCoys Rag & Bone Mostly Japanese stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Freddyfisk Nice shirt. What is it?
Warehouse 700 jeans Sugar Cane blue chambray The Real Mccoys loopwheeled sweatshirts
Does anyone know the details on those RRL sweatpants? Are they made of loopwheeled cotton?
Quote: Originally Posted by vvoc any discount codes for online shipping? want to buy a shirt but dont want to pay the shipping... NEWFALL for orders $150 or more, expires tonight.
Rag and Bone also released a red chambray this season, but it's $235.
1) Arc'teryx performs better 2) TNF is too overplayed and worn by layman who aren't into the outdoorsy stuff...looks tacky imo
Quote: Originally Posted by Merlin13 What sweater is that? I like it and the shirt. http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...hirt/17990.jsp
Quote: Originally Posted by Fallen Angels quick question... Does anyone have chest and shoulder measurements for the J crew x Mister Freedom white chambray in a size L? also, is it raw or washed? Thanks in advance. Normally I would search for the answer myself but this thread has become ridiculously long and the search function doesn't bring up any posts with the answer I'm looking for. I called JCrew and they didn't have any...
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc would the ralph lauren outlet carry any rrl? heading out to palm springs this weekend and trying to figure if outlet mission would be worthwhile . depends....sometimes they do, sometimes they don't
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