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Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I would have totally gone for a pair of the recycled sweet jeans if they were a little longer in the inseam... and if you had had them in my size. The denim looks really interesting. Ditto. What a deal!
Measurements please whenever you can
I would argue otherwise and emphasize the legs the most, they really hit your core the hardest and will synergize with muscle growth in all other body areas.
Measurements on the RRL chambray?
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino b-ill, what colors were they? The reversible crew/hoodies should be on sale at any RL/RRL store. As always w/ RL stuff If your local store doesn't have your size you can have them check stock in other stores. I don't know what colors they made for the recent season, but the ones I saw in store were red and the waffle side is pinkish. They were on the 50% sale rack w/ additional 50% off of that. I had...
225 45s
If you want to get serious about putting on mass and increasing strength in your upper body, it is critical to workout the lower body. The body is a machine, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Working out the lower body has a synergistic effect with the upper body. For instance, heavy squats and deadlifts gives your core an intense workout, and you use your core during the bench press, bent over barbell rows, etc.
What's the word on the SExT11?
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 Anyone try a Z pack against it? How would a bacterial antibiotic help against a virus?
4 miles in 30 min...had to stop due to unbearable side stitch pain
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