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Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 So what are peep's thoughts on this springs goods so far? Any standout pieces? I picked up a the selvage chambray, and 2 western shirts. Heading up to NY this weekend and plan to hit up the Prince St store. Pics of said articles are requested
Everyday shampoo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kas 4x5 deadlift and bench today. 48,4 kg on the bench; 68,4 on deadlift - feeling like a weak pussy, but hoping to see some similarities to a lion by the end of the year. Added some wall-balls, med ball cleans and pull-ups for practice. Should be approaching the title of "healthy beginner" soon. NP man, keep going at it, quality > quantity.
Quote: Originally Posted by bloodyman thx for the response guys. Okay when people saying they are able to lift 2x or 3x their bodyweight, do they count the Barbell Bar too? Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField If you require the feeling of actually being full then you are mostly likely destined to become quite fat. Unless you're asian or have great metabolism that lasts into old age, that kind of attitude towards food is going to lead to you being fat. Fuck your life. Stop being dumb. Eat alot of veggies and drink lots of water.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Fat keeps you quite full. Almonds don't keep me full. They might stave off hunger for a little while, but they never give the feeling that your stomach's extended.
Apples, chicken breasts, baby carrots Then drink alot of water.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I would have totally gone for a pair of the recycled sweet jeans if they were a little longer in the inseam... and if you had had them in my size. The denim looks really interesting. Ditto. What a deal!
Measurements please whenever you can
I would argue otherwise and emphasize the legs the most, they really hit your core the hardest and will synergize with muscle growth in all other body areas.
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