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Quote: Originally Posted by aizan the canon XXd series and 7d are covered by CPS, so apparently they think pros use them. They do. There are plenty of wedding photographers making a living off the 40D or 50D.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rikkar501 Raw, f*cking power! Lifting more weight than the average gym rat believes is possible. The average powerlifter isn't interested in an aesthetic physique, only on how to increase his/her total. But on the flip side, a great powerlifter can easily become a great bodybuilder; he already has a substantial amount of muscle mass, and by cutting down on focusing on aesthetics he could certainly be competition...
visiondirect...they usually give good bing cashback too, if you live in the USA.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mblova Powerlifting helps to build core strength and a base from which to gain strength. you don't have to be a powerlifter for the rest of your life, but the basics of powerlifting provide a good base on which to grow. perhaps....that's if your joints still survive.
The Canon system is attractive because it offers a bigger selection of lenses overall. There are more choices for telephoto lenses, super telephoto lenses, and prime lenses (although recently Nikon has been upping their game in the fixed focal length department). For example, Canon offers 70-200 in f/4 flavors, an 85/1.2, 400/4, 400/5.6, and 800/5.6. Nikon may have the edge in the zoom department, especially with the 14-24mm wide angle zoom. Canon offers more specialty...
I would get the D90 over the D5000 simply because of ergonomics - it's a bigger and more durable body. I would also suggest looking into a used D300 simply because of its fantastic autofocus system.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger what are the best triceps exercises other than dips? at my college gym there's only one place to do dips and theres always a fucking wait, so I need a good alternative You could do dips using two benches. Others: rope pulldowns (my fav), skullcrushers, close grip bench press, pulldowns, reverse pulldowns.
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 So what are peep's thoughts on this springs goods so far? Any standout pieces? I picked up a the selvage chambray, and 2 western shirts. Heading up to NY this weekend and plan to hit up the Prince St store. Pics of said articles are requested
Everyday shampoo.
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