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Quote: Originally Posted by bach i came across this chart the other day IDK how they came up w/ the numbers but it seems reasonable. the ratio for squat/bench is 1.33ish. Dang I'm advanced for bench press, intermediate for squats, and intermediate for deadlift. Definitely have to work the legs harder.
about 1:1 I have short limbs, which make it easier for me to bench and harder for me to squat/dead.
I like how my jeans have conformed to fit my legs exactly....and they are just so comfortable to wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude so affiliate store Blake is looking into sponsoring a RRL contest involving the selvage office chinos ... rock em like raw denim with little, to no washing and post pics of progress! those that are interested PM me please so i can start gathering a list Sounds cool. Will the chinos still be $220?
Alden Shoes in downtown SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino You might want to have someone check if they truly are the selvedge oxfords which retail at 180 Based on what has popped up on eBay recently there are oxfords but they are older models with a more squared hem with no gussets w/ retail of 125 and not selvedge (not like that's a big deal) The selvage oxfords, however, are more slim fitting, which is what I prefer.
Hey Mauro what size dandy work pants are you wearing in those pics?
XL will be a loose and comfortable fit, L will be snug and fitted. I have the same build as the OP and I've tried both.
Get the large. The sleeves are meant to be short. It'll shrink a tiny bit then stretch back after you wear it.
I saw a selvage denim hat/cap.
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