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Just bought the mailbag on impulse since it was the last day of the sale. Threw in a t-shirt on top of that to get free shipping
That is such a badass cardigan, I kinda regret passing it up!
The aran shawl collar sweater sold out in my size. Time for the alpaca sweater instead...
Flannels are definitely worth the $100 if you're in the market for one. Fabric is substantial and comfy.
Has anyone handled the waffle knit henley sweater? $150 for an alpaca sweater seems like a really good deal.
RKD what size did you get in the aran shawl cardigan? Was this the same size as your other RRL sweaters?
Trying to decide if I should get one, both, or none: or
Hmmmm.....trying to decide between the fair isle v-neck cardigan or the aran shawl cardigan....
I vote MF b/c I don't like the patchwork back...
Which shirt is the Dobby Farrell again?
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