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I take a size 9.5 in the RRL powell chukkas and had to size down to 9 in the boondocker boots.
Nice man, been wearing that baja here too since the weather warmed up a little. It gets a lot of compliments
Yup like that dixon fleece. Oh well....
Crazy good. I snagged the french terry henley yesterday, but then they ran out of my size before this final markdown. They didn't have my size during that 50/200/500 kicker, unfortunately.
Seems like final markdowns.....crazy prices though.
Gonna get an orange micro terror as a transportable practice amp. I was surprised I really connected with it using a strat. At $120, it's basically like buying a pedal.
Great fuzz pedal that is.
I vote mac mini after the Haswell refresh. That will put the mini on par with the current imac, sans discrete graphics card. The Iris integrated graphics on the Haswell CPU should be enough to power two 27" displays.
All I need is a sweet fuzz pedal and a delay.
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