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Usually this waterfall is dry or runs at a trickle....but it rained the previous day and the falls were roaring.
6 am!!
I take a size 9.5 in the RRL powell chukkas and had to size down to 9 in the boondocker boots.
Nice man, been wearing that baja here too since the weather warmed up a little. It gets a lot of compliments
Yup like that dixon fleece. Oh well....
Crazy good. I snagged the french terry henley yesterday, but then they ran out of my size before this final markdown. They didn't have my size during that 50/200/500 kicker, unfortunately.
Seems like final markdowns.....crazy prices though.
Gonna get an orange micro terror as a transportable practice amp. I was surprised I really connected with it using a strat. At $120, it's basically like buying a pedal.
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