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That one wasn't a part of the private sale though. The $1200 all-leather one was.
The dobby dress shirt is my favorite. It's a cheaper alternative to the Mister Freedom chemise calico. Also that leather jacket
Fit pic of the fairisle cardigan:
the fairisle cardigan arrived today and all i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! The pics on the site did not do it justice. It's actually pretty thick and super warm, but a little itchy. Pics soon
Just bought the mailbag on impulse since it was the last day of the sale. Threw in a t-shirt on top of that to get free shipping
That is such a badass cardigan, I kinda regret passing it up!
The aran shawl collar sweater sold out in my size. Time for the alpaca sweater instead...
Flannels are definitely worth the $100 if you're in the market for one. Fabric is substantial and comfy.
Has anyone handled the waffle knit henley sweater? $150 for an alpaca sweater seems like a really good deal.
New Posts  All Forums: