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What is your 1rm on flat bench press anyway? I do not recommend smolov jr. for bench. You will be killing your elbow joints and regret that you did. That program was designed for squats, anyway. I also think working out the chest once a week is a good idea. You can try lifting in the 70-75% of 1rm zone, and doing 6-10 reps per set and several sets. Honestly the biggest influence on how much I can bench in a given day is how well I ate before the workout. Make sure your...
Do squats, seriously. Your bench will go up.
I really wish the peacoat will be on sale....however, there's a good chance that the corduroy jacket will go on sale, which is even more bombshell IMO.
It's a part of the north bend collection.
It's a part of the Byrd Expedition collection, so there's a good chance!
Online chat and regular phone orders won't do it. I think it depends on who you get on the other end of the red phone line.
Ordered some Homespun henleys with the red phone and got the 25% off plus student discount. Not much talk about them here (or anywhere) so I hope they are good!
Yeah it says both are included. "select fall styles"
RL is going to have another 40% off sale (includes RRL) starting December 6.
If only he didn't get it hemmed....
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