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The corduroy ranch jacket looks more bombproof but I don't think I can drop the scratch on that. Dunno my size either tbh.
Ultimately what it comes down to is your personal body type and how YOU respond to a particular exercise scheme. Feel free to try things out, but from what it sounds like, the logical "lift intense, heavy weights low reps" doesn't look like it has worked out for the best. And having a rigid lower back helps prevent the upper back from arching upward which is what plagues many bench pressers from maintaining proper form. I'm not saying to neglect your upper back and...
Squats just increase overall muscle synergy, anabolism, and neural excitation. They help strengthen the lower back (deadlifts even more so, which you should be doing as well) and having a strong lower back means that you have a rigid platform for which to [bench] press off of. It's not just about putting mass on your legs (which do help with the bench press a little, since the force transmission goes through the arms, down the back, through the legs and onto the floor)....
Damn the peacoat is not on sale...
I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but you'd be surprised.
What is your 1rm on flat bench press anyway? I do not recommend smolov jr. for bench. You will be killing your elbow joints and regret that you did. That program was designed for squats, anyway. I also think working out the chest once a week is a good idea. You can try lifting in the 70-75% of 1rm zone, and doing 6-10 reps per set and several sets. Honestly the biggest influence on how much I can bench in a given day is how well I ate before the workout. Make sure your...
Do squats, seriously. Your bench will go up.
I really wish the peacoat will be on sale....however, there's a good chance that the corduroy jacket will go on sale, which is even more bombshell IMO.
It's a part of the north bend collection.
It's a part of the Byrd Expedition collection, so there's a good chance!
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