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I thought it was $949.99 before the latest markdown
Seriously, and the peacoat at $1200?
Not the cardigan, but I saw the fair isle printed crewneck in-store and it was already pilling.
Just picked up an E36 M3 Only "issue" is that it came with straight pipes and is way too loud....probably going to end up getting a ticket if I don't put a muffler back on
I have it as well, and I love the shirt because it fits so well. Ultimately it comes down to if you like the distressing (I do). It's an incredibly detailed shirt (such as selvage accents inside the chest pockets) which sealed the deal for me.
We must see more pictures of that indigo cardigan and the suede jacket...
Does anyone own or has seen the indigo ticking striped pant? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12403001&cp=11588650.12337574&view=99&parentPage=family Wondering how distressed the pant really is...
How does the bowery boot sizing compare to Aldens? Like say compared to the Alden unlined suede chukkas.
I think they're amazing but I dunno my size :/
The fair isle looks great...but hopefully it's not itchy like last year's cardigan.
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