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He's asking for the reverse though, when you see an item but want to know which collection it belongs to. I want a sweater that's not a part of the sun valley or isle of man collection apparently
Are you guys going to get any fall pieces from the Mister Freedom Men of the Frontier collection? Like the drover blouse perhaps
I remember reading here that the fair isle cardigan was thin (thinner than what's expected judging from the photos on the RL website). Can anyone comment on the quality of the piece overall though?
Yup, I bought this http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13088135&cp=11588650.12138267&ab=viewall&view=all&parentPage=familyand it also says 10.5 oz
The Boomerang alters tone the least, but the DL4 would more than get the job done.
Dang that henley looks so comfy.
Powell chukkas arrived:
They put a different stitching on the straight leg models now?
Group shot of all my pedals thus far. Not enough interconnects nor power supplies to have them all running at once
The $195 RRL chambray is not selvage, if that matters to you. The raw selvage one was $245 from last season.The JCrew chambray feels like paper compared to the RRL. The indigo color on the RRL is also deeper and richer.
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