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This sale is pretty dry. The only things worth getting are the boots and the fair isle cardigan. I'll wait for the third fall collection to go on sale.
I wasn't worried because I felt 8 gb of RAM is more than enough for my uses (i.e. Photoshop; no video editing), so it's not like I would upgrade the RAM anyway. The SSD is replaceable, albeit with a proprietary module. The battery is $200 to replace outside of warranty, which isn't a dealbreaker.
I agree...the retina display just makes interacting with the computer much more enjoyable. The 15" will always have the beefier options that professionals will gravitate to.
And you can get the 15" retina MBP for $2000 with education discount
Meh. Not impressed by the specs of the 13" retina MBP for the price. I still stand by my 15" retina MBP.
Yeah no kidding man, I don't have time to play anymore but I'm still thinking about building a 5E3 clone
The 15% kicker is a unique individual code.
He's asking for the reverse though, when you see an item but want to know which collection it belongs to. I want a sweater that's not a part of the sun valley or isle of man collection apparently
Are you guys going to get any fall pieces from the Mister Freedom Men of the Frontier collection? Like the drover blouse perhaps
I remember reading here that the fair isle cardigan was thin (thinner than what's expected judging from the photos on the RL website). Can anyone comment on the quality of the piece overall though?
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