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Focking solid boots man. They look much better in person than on the website. I almost pulled the trigger on a pair, but the only thing keeping me back was that I have a pair of Chippewas in a similar color :/
The two new cardigans that they put up yesterday are almost completely sold out
I really want it now...but is the fabric itchy?
Very nice! I'm considering getting the donegal tweed one...but where's similar one that's in black indigo? The UK RL site has it, but not the US.
That Troy blanket lining is so badass.
This sale is pretty dry. The only things worth getting are the boots and the fair isle cardigan. I'll wait for the third fall collection to go on sale.
I wasn't worried because I felt 8 gb of RAM is more than enough for my uses (i.e. Photoshop; no video editing), so it's not like I would upgrade the RAM anyway. The SSD is replaceable, albeit with a proprietary module. The battery is $200 to replace outside of warranty, which isn't a dealbreaker.
I agree...the retina display just makes interacting with the computer much more enjoyable. The 15" will always have the beefier options that professionals will gravitate to.
And you can get the 15" retina MBP for $2000 with education discount
Meh. Not impressed by the specs of the 13" retina MBP for the price. I still stand by my 15" retina MBP.
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