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Actually the PRL shirt looks similar to a grail-status Mister Freedom shirt: http://www.misterfreedom.com/chemise-calico-indigo.html
The current code is BEACH for free shipping on any order.
I ordered the dixon fleece (cat 13 logo) and got a V-neck sweater.
Only for spring items. I guess for summer items you still gotta hit up a store...?
It happens, and it's not limited to shirts (happened on sweaters and pants of mine). Unfortunately you just have to sew it on stronger.
Usually this waterfall is dry or runs at a trickle....but it rained the previous day and the falls were roaring.
6 am!!
I take a size 9.5 in the RRL powell chukkas and had to size down to 9 in the boondocker boots.
Nice man, been wearing that baja here too since the weather warmed up a little. It gets a lot of compliments
New Posts  All Forums: