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The website has in-store inventory availability now. Niiiiiiiice
http://www.sbfoot.com/I can vouch for the Powell chukkas....rock solid and super comfortable.
Still the A7 processor in the iPad mini 3.
Wow white balance issues.....I'll take accurate pics soon.
Here's my straight leg that started out as the "rinse" model: I'd say they're pretty middle of the road in terms of fading speed; not fast, but not slow either.12 months, 3 washes16 months, 4 washes
Maybe they liked the shirt's aesthetic. I highly doubt RRL made an exact shirt style that wasn't LE...The authentic shirt actually has a lot of character. I will take pics and upload them later.
FAKE!!!! I have the real one and the tags and labels are different. The eagle shoulder patch is slightly different, too. The real one also has side gussets with chainstitching hanging off. The union label also says "limited edition" on the authentic one and is located on the front bottom rather than on the placket. Shoulder yoke cut is different, too...I could go on and on.
The fireman's coat is beautiful for sure. Was it pre-distressed, or does it come unwashed? Looks like the limited edition reading coat is selling out quickly as well.
Straight legs
True points. Never got into the newer MF stuff yet, the older stuff was too good and fit much slimmer (i.e. fitted). The new RRL shirts are just too slim and weirdly cut for me. The standout piece from last season was the limited-edition chambray shirt with the eagle stripe shoulder patch - the fabric was just too beautiful and came unwashed, however the fit is still the weird slim chest that I'm hoping to stretch out with wear. That limited edition peacoat looks very...
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