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Interesting concept but that wool lining is gonna itch like mad!
Up to 70% off or so
Got my money back. Cat fleece was sold out.
Yup, happened to me before with last season's fleece with the cat logo. Instead I got a v-neck sweater b/c someone switched the tags there also.
Printed photos are way better. I got a canon pro-10 on sale with rebate (canon frequently does rebates throughout the year) so I could print out my photos on artsy papers. Even for flipping through I like 8x10s.The pro-100 printer (dye based inks) frequently goes on sale for free after rebate.
The website has in-store inventory availability now. Niiiiiiiice can vouch for the Powell chukkas....rock solid and super comfortable.
Still the A7 processor in the iPad mini 3.
Wow white balance issues.....I'll take accurate pics soon.
Here's my straight leg that started out as the "rinse" model: I'd say they're pretty middle of the road in terms of fading speed; not fast, but not slow either.12 months, 3 washes16 months, 4 washes
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